Take you to different Chinese years

Take you to different Chinese years

BC Province, Canada: on the other side of the Pacific encounter better

God left the world a better place to keep on the other side of the Pacific — BC canada. Here, the warm sunshine and fresh air and sea fusion, alternating fragrant forest wide, tall oak tree instead of the TV Tower, the vast sky to replace the neon lamp, everything seems to live in a hundred years ago the old photos, which under the pen of Steinbeck that sincere and beautiful world.

At the beginning of the new year

, time to put down the busy work and miscellaneous chores, give a comprehensive terribly fatigued physical and mental relaxation and treatment. Along the winding trail, to explore the reality of the outside world, embrace the gift to the beautiful scenery, washing disgraceful soul, encounter a better you inadvertently.

    take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, give yourself a real holiday. As in the lyrics, "throw away the TV, throw the computer, throw away the brain, and then throw away the trouble", away from the interference of the electromagnetic wave of electronic equipment, into the embrace of nature. From the hustle and bustle of the city to arrive at the moment in BC Province, when the yoga, SPA and spa experience becomes accessible, healthy food can be seen everywhere, just know what is the real enjoyment.

    West Coast yoga & SPA

    Canada’s west coast in winter, there is always a different kind of peace. Walk on the Pacific coast, there is boundless blue sea and the white sails are tiny spots, behind a whole piece of a wild profusion of vegetation of forest.

    lying on the soft chair SPA room, the ear is out of the window lapping waves of sound and Beach Forest and the birds. Coated with mud is rich in minerals, with the massage in place, that moment, have been completely relax from hair to toes. You can also take a traditional yoga class in a warm, natural, yoga room, focusing on every breath, by meditation and stretching to inject energy into your body. The yoga teacher taught ancient yoga philosophy, the dust can also help you brushed the heart.

    on the tip of the tongue in the province of BC province BC source: Canadian BC Provincial Tourism Bureau photographer: Edible Canada

    who says health and delicious can not have both? As a paradise for food lovers, BC has always been a healthy and delicious food. As delicate as food, there is an excellent dining atmosphere.

    speaking of Canada, many people first come to mind is all over the mountains and plains maple, and you know, maple creates a natural maple syrup. Maple syrup is rich in minerals and organic acids, while maintaining the sweetness and contain very low heat, is the most healthy carbohydrate. Might as well as Canadian natives, put a little