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Takuya Kimura "of the immortal" poster will reflect the additional public cast – Sohu unlimited entertainment "live" open the main visual poster Sohu entertainment news (compiled Domino) days before the scheduled file will be released with the national audience in April 29, 2017, directed by Takashi Miike, starring Takuya Kimura movie "of the immortal" open the first main visual poster, also announced an additional luxury cast. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama "of the immortal" adapted from the comic Guangming Village, in the Edo period for the stage, depicts the immortal swordsman million times accept and die is very similar to the sister girl Asano Rin please be her the bodyguard, to meet the challenges of the story. After officially cast in the protagonist Takuya Kimura, including cedar? Flowers as actress Asano rin. This open luxury cast includes first appeared in the remake, the heroine Rin nemesis long shadow of Tianjin Raffles Cang jig played with million times of the same name by Ichihara Hayashihito as a good swordsman. Erika Toda as Tianjin’s most trusted female swordsman, Tianjin’s best assassin is the city of Sichuan reservoir in the old sea. In addition, min Tanaka, wife slave Kitamura Kazuki, Chikai Kuriyama and Mitsushima Manosuke will also join the cast of luxury.相关的主题文章: