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Tao Xinran pregnant after the first film "rouge" 9.27 premiere challenge female agents – Sohu Tao Xinran entertainment "rouge" makeup as     Sohu entertainment news under the thousands of fans of the time and again, by Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran starring the legendary Spy Drama burning "rouge" finally in September and the country the audience was determined in September 27th, Zhejiang Oriental United premiered in the two TV platform, and this is the mother pregnant after Tao Xinran’s first screen masterpiece. From the latest exposure of the "blood against the" single version of the posters, Tao Xinran’s female agents other dazzling domineering sharp electric eye exposure, gun play, does not allow a man to other agents on the role of the expected value of the number of steep steps. As Tao Xinran was pregnant after the first portion of the screen masterpiece, "rouge" is Tao Xinran’s first collaboration with director Xu Jizhou, she is also the first challenge in a corner of the spy spy "Feng Manna", and the role of the performance level is full three-dimensional, from the early and middle light of heart from care and post revenge female agents return to the true state of the different. As for actors challenge but also a kind of happiness. For the interpretation of this role, Tao Xinran worry and burn brain, so again and again read the script, combing the role again and the inner world, "forward" in the tear, every experience a major choice in the play as if broken…… For this half of the sea is a flame of the role, Tao Xinran will be how to interpret and present on the screen with the strength of the public expectations, everything will be unveiled in September 27th the last mystery.相关的主题文章: