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Spring Festival is approaching, once again to the traditional consumption peak, China Union recently released 2016 mobile payment security investigation report, the survey by commercial banks, non-financial institutions to pay the public number, micro-blog, WeChat official website, APP client and other 117 mobile Internet entrance to carry out online survey, nearly 590 thousand people, more than 90 thousand copies of valid questionnaires, the report reveals the development of China’s mobile payment of the latest progress and safety risk status.

mobile payment security risk rose

social account theft, SMS Trojan link, cheat verification code has become the most common means of fraud

report shows that in 2016, telecommunications fraud continued high incidence, the proportion of consumers continued to rise. About 1/4 of the respondents said they encountered telecommunications network fraud and losses occurred, up 11 percentage points compared with 2015, the relatively high in Guangdong, Shandong and other coastal areas of Fujian, the proportion of respondents suffered fraud, more than 40%. It is worth noting that over 50 of the elderly population had the highest proportion of telecommunications fraud, reached 50%, 11 percentage points higher than the average level.

according to the survey, the telecommunications network fraud suffered by the respondents, more than 80% had suffered embezzlement of social account fraud, compared with 2015, an increase of 36 percentage points. In addition, the Trojan link text messages and fraud SMS verification code fraud is also a common way of payment fraud, two categories of people encounter the proportion of cardholders to reach 63% and 51%.


report also showed that 64% of respondents had used mobile phone number registered at the same time a number of accounts, including financial accounts and social accounts and consumer accounts, which suffered telecommunications fraud and the loss of more than half the proportion is higher than the overall average. While using a mobile phone to register financial accounts and other accounts, such as the occurrence of information leakage, criminals are more likely to take over the financial accounts to steal funds.

suffered a telecommunications network fraud respondents, fraud losses amounted to nearly 30% of the more than 2000 yuan. From the age point of view, 20% of the victims over the age of more than the loss of more than $5000, more than the average loss ratio of 7 percentage points (). In the event of loss of population, more than 50% full or partial recovery of losses, consumers bear all fraud losses over the previous year decreased by more than 30%. It is worth noting that, in the 50% to bear the full loss of the population, more than 40% people aged 50 and over in.

90% respondents had completed payment using a mobile phone

large payment card, small payment mobile phone

report also revealed last year, China’s consumer mobile payment behavior changes. The report shows that in 2016 the amount of online consumer spending and the use of mobile payment accounted for;