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TGS Chronicles: Tokyo game show twenty anniversary classic review (a), and Tokyo, ’98 autumn (October 9th ~11) for you to see the power of the game (, and, see the pulp, thou in estate) GAMEBOYCOLOR (GBC) in this year on sale, but Nintendo did not participate in this year the TGS exhibition. Sega host DC become the topic of the exhibition, the game "Adventures of Sonic" also attracted much attention. This is the fate of a Sega bet, but still can not change the fate of failure. PS and N64 is the protagonist of this era. Tokyo,, and "99 spring (March 19th ~12) switch? ON! (, and rotating team? Now,!) 99 years of spring TGS is not so attractive, because everyone is looking forward to the release of PS2, final fantasy 8 has just been released and no other large. However, now Sega desperately, money released a "grand demonstration Shenmue", but this was later known as the originator of the open world sales…… Tokyo,, and ’99 autumn (September 17th ~19). Here the upcoming surprise (Coming Surprise? That is, I’m was Kara?) PS2 release date and price has become the focus of this exhibition, SONY booth very lively. Namco produced "Cinderella TT (iron fist Institute, member of the group of fries into nano, do not") with wonderful fighting show is highly appreciated. Tokyo,, and 2000 spring (March 31st ~4 2) Tokyo game show in 2000 (Tokyo, and evolution,: 2000, Tokyo, and clima: evolution on continued) TGS this year compared with last year, the company has reduced dramatically. The 2 exhibition in the past 1 years has become a burden for game developers. DC is still the Sega linger, it finally struggled to show a lot of works, can be connected to the Internet "Dream Star OL" special novel. Tokyo,, and 2000 autumn (September 22nd ~24) to enjoy the happy life (life or future. Or better, and member of the group, Te, do not? The Entertainment Your Life of?) This time, PS2 has been on sale, but the number of games is very few. But in the fall of TGS2000’s new show, the most popular racing game "GT3". Tokyo,, and 2001 spring (March 30th, April 1st) on twenty-first Century (game entertainment, and open on twenty-first Century, or, I do not, and Te,) this is the last spring TGS, the beginning of next year a year held only once. Because exhibitors booth from last year to reduce a lot, this year’s show on the most popular FF10. Tokyo,, and autumn (October 12th, October 14th) 2001 Let "s Play together? A thread in the national tour thou u? Microsoft Xbox for the first time.相关的主题文章: