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The 11 counties included in the Fujian by the Ministry of transport planning poverty alleviation provincial government and the Ministry of transportation jointly accelerate the development of the old Soviet Fujian 11 counties (city, district) by the Ministry of transport on poverty alleviation planning recently, the provincial government and the Ministry of transportation signed the "implementation" of the CPC Central Committee State Council on winning the battle of poverty decided to "accelerate the development of old revolutionary base areas of transportation to build the agreement", to increase investment, establish linkage mechanism, efforts to accelerate poverty alleviation and traffic of our province, to be fully completed by 2020, the old revolutionary base "pass through the village, Chang Xiang, inline bus to the village, safe and convenient transportation network". The Department of transportation to Fujian Ningde city Jiaocheng District, Fu’an City, Fuding City, Xiapu County, Shouning County, Zhou Ning County, Zherong County, Gutian County, Pingnan County, Lianjiang County, Fuzhou City, Luoyuan county area 11 counties (city, district) in increasing poverty reduction plan. The Department of transportation to support the increase in our province "13th Five-Year" traffic poverty alleviation project scale, the above increase rate of 30%, the national highway from about 307 kilometers increased to 580 km, achieve national freeway through basic; the general national highway by 570 kilometers increased to 750 km; rural tourism resources development road, Industrial Road, route 1080 km diversion to 1380 kilometers; the narrow road widening project of rural roads by 2145 kilometers increased to 2910 km. Ministry of transport to increase poverty alleviation efforts in our province. Included in the Ministry of transport "13th Five-Year" planning of highway project, grant support to a total investment of 25%; the general national and provincial implementation of Western standards, the old Soviet central executive standard, non Soviet, old but included in the Ministry of transport planning poverty subsidy standards up 10%; subsidies for rural roads, dangerous bridge reconstruction, security engineering. Overall than the eastern non poverty areas go up by about 60%. The provincial government to further increase efforts to support poverty alleviation of traffic, urging local governments to increase the general highway construction of financial capital investment, and the local government bond funds for priority traffic poverty alleviation projects; support the integration of poverty, development and reform, agriculture and other departments of agriculture related funds to help the poor, the priority for the city and county general highway construction funds; and the increase of rural passenger transport policy losses subsidies, 2015-2019 years of transportation industry of oil price subsidies for rural areas and surplus funds of rural passenger transport passenger vehicles operating losses and new energy subsidies etc.. (Fujian Daily reporter Wu Hongxiong correspondent Chen Changhe) >相关的主题文章: