The 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival starting Tencent night concert hey turn the

The 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival starting Tencent night concert hey turn the audience at 7 pm on September 24th, the 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival ceremony to "happy live music – the quality of life" as the theme of "North Fuxikang snow source Kang Tencent Night Music Festival held in downtown Jiaxing Xuhui square. After a brief introduction of the current leisure shopping festival, the leaders of the participating ceremony pressed the start button on the big screen together. After the end of the ceremony, a self composed of Jiaxing local musicians and singers Tencent Night Music Festival hey turn the audience, from the 2016 "new song" Chinese Jiaxing division outstanding students are singing on stage one by one. 2016, "new Chinese singing" Jiaxing division champion student Pan Mengjie again to prove their strength with songs. Korean girl Yin Ailan passionate interpretation of her dream of music in Jiaxing. Yan double value as Dai Mengqi and WAN Jiafeng that talent and beauty can coexist with song. Hong Lei burst out his dream of music buried in his heart. Qian Mingyue a song I in Xuhui square to eat fried chicken amused the audience. The big boy Zhang Shuhao was green, but his songs conquered all the people present. Finally, the old wood music director Huang Dawei led the Brother band to bring the finale performance, completely ignited the scene atmosphere, the event to the climax. It is learnt that 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival officially opened from September 24th, will continue until November 10th, a period of more than 1 months. This shopping section through the government take the stage for enterprises, media power, the "happiness LOHAS – quality of life" as the theme, carry out "the joy of shopping," Chang Lexiang "and" Happy Tour "three plates of a series of activities, will launch a total of 12 theme activities. By then, Jiaxing focus on the mall marketing, automotive business park, Jiaxing city Car Buying Joy Festival leisure fitness running, 2016 south canal Tourism Culture Festival series of activities will take turns on stage, bring new experience leisure shopping Wo city consumers carefree. In this special thanks to North Fuxikang – Snow source Kang, Xuhui square, ancient Juzhai food, SenShan tiepifengdou, Zhang Cuifeng, munezane food, oral mchunu food and beautiful oath of Yan supported the 2016 Jiaxing Shopping Festival ceremony and Tencent night concert.

2016嘉兴休闲购物节启动 腾讯之夜音乐会嗨翻全场9月24日晚上7点,以“幸福乐活•品质生活”为主题的2016嘉兴休闲购物节启动仪式暨“北大富硒康•雪源康”腾讯之夜音乐节在嘉兴市区旭辉广场顺利举行。在主持人对本届休闲购物节进行简短介绍之后,参与启动仪式的领导们共同在大屏幕上按下了启动按钮。启动仪式结束后,一场由自嘉兴本土的音乐人和歌手们组成的腾讯之夜音乐节嗨翻了全场,来自2016《中国新歌声》嘉兴赛区的优秀学员们一一登台献唱。2016《中国新歌声》嘉兴赛区冠军学员潘梦洁再一次用歌声证明自己实力。朝鲜族女孩尹爱兰激情演绎她在嘉兴的音乐梦想。双重颜值担当戴梦琪和万加峰用歌声证明才华和美貌可以并存。洪磊把埋在自己心底的音乐梦想在这里迸发。钱明月用一首我在旭辉广场吃炸鸡逗笑了在场观众。大男孩张书豪虽然青涩,但是他的歌声征服了在场所有人。最后老木头音乐总监黄大伟老师领衔Brother乐队带来了压轴演出,彻底点燃了现场气氛,将本次活动推向了最高潮。据悉,2016嘉兴休闲购物节从9月24日起正式开幕,将持续至11月10日,为期1个多月时间。本届休闲购物节通过政府搭台、企业唱戏、媒体助力,以“幸福乐活•品质生活”为主题,开展“欢乐购”、“畅乐享”、“快乐游”三大板块系列活动,共将推出12项主题活动。届时,嘉兴重点商场大联销、汽车商贸园欢乐购车节、嘉兴城市休闲健身跑、2016南湖运河旅游文化节等系列活动将轮番登场,带给禾城消费者畅快的休闲购物新体验。在这里特别鸣谢北大富硒康•雪源康、旭辉广场、古居斋食品、森山铁皮枫斗、张萃丰食品、致真口腔、麦诺食品和美丽誓颜对本次2016嘉兴休闲购物节启动仪式以及腾讯之夜音乐会的大力支持。相关的主题文章: