The 2016263rd phase the temperature prediction lottery 3D code the same number of Sohu-truffe

The 2016263rd phase: the temperature prediction lottery 3D code the same number of Sohu – lottery 3D 2016262nd lottery number: 659, six groups of morphology, size ratio of 3:0, parity ratio of 2:1, and the value of 20, a span of 4. 3D2016263 lottery experts predict number: warm warm number: number 9 to the previous appearance, number of omission from the analysis of the trend, the current concern temperature state number continued for 1. Quality: the last issue of lottery results is 659, mass ratio of 1:2, the distribution of comprehensive quality to the number 263 below 2 in 1 mainly optimistic about the matter continued to fall. 012 way analysis: 262 lottery number except for 020 Sanyushu Road, analyzing the trend from the district number, this period is expected to three position number number consistent. Mean recommendation: the current phase out of the average of 7 points, the recent 0-2 small mean frequency is low, the next phase of the missing value can be concerned about the value of the average rebound in the 7 period. The size of forecast: a three position out of a large number of large numbers, get their chance, a new large number of heat is expected to decline.相关的主题文章: