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The 41 year old mother child to save the woman but successful transplantation need type B platelet – to save the suffering from severe thalassemia’s eldest daughter, 41 year old mother IVF birth daughter – the "help" go 11 years, the child has been successfully transplant, but need B type platelet – in order to rescue severe thalassemia daughter, 41 year old mother gave birth to IVF – "help difficult road", Mr. Lee and his wife walked for 11 years, currently in urgent need of platelet type B her, selected from 30 IVF embryos and her sister; carrying the rescue mission in life. A few days ago, when a baby girl born in Xiamen Shu Shu, the long wait for the side of the doctor carefully removed her umbilical cord blood, to live in another ward sister for transplantation. Her mother holding the newborn child in tears: 11 years ago, her daughter was diagnosed suffering from severe thalassemia, which made an important decision — another child couple, save sick daughter with umbilical cord blood. It’s hard to save the road, they walked for 11 years. Suffering wait for 11 years, did not find the bone marrow match. 11 years ago, who lives in Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Lee and his wife happily greeted her daughter A Ling, but three months later, aspirin was diagnosed with beta thalassemia major. At this time, Mr. Lee did not pre pregnancy check any couples to know, the original two people are carriers of the gene, they give birth to normal children each pregnancy probability is only 1/4, while aspirin, did not avoid the sad. Suffering from severe thalassemia children because of their own can not effectively hematopoiesis, if not treated, are unable to live past the age of 5. For 11 years, the need for a 400ml every day, a blood transfusion of, because of the long-term blood transfusion caused by iron deposition, she also wants to take expensive iron. Although the family almost all, but only by palliative blood transfusions to maintain, a spiritual body or getting worse. A spirit is very lively, but also love to learn, in the school teachers often praise her, but only parents know how to endure these years, how to endure the suffering of blood transfusion and complications, but also likely to face the unknown fate." Lee said that these years they continue to carry out bone marrow matching for children, but did not find a match with the Arab israeli. The best way to save the Holy Spirit is to regenerate a healthy child with his (her) umbilical cord blood to help her sister get a stem cell transplant. The 41 year old, she decided to do a test tube baby "determined to do IVF, I was almost 40 years old, there are many relatives and friends advised me that old production is dangerous, but I decided." Ling’s mother said, in order to do IVF, she went to the hospital for a long time, playing ovulation needle, endure all kinds of pain, the final two out of the 30 eggs. After in vitro fertilization, the doctor had a genetic diagnosis, and finally singled out a match with the type of embryo implanted in the mother. However, the embryo aborted. Hope, but Mrs. Lee did not give up, swear and snatch children disease. All the pain ah Ling’s mother Teether bear again, and finally in the last year)相关的主题文章: