The 7 secret nutrition experts say to eat noodles, enjoy delicious, also control the three high


is more nutritious noodle noodles?

general, without in what the absence of additives, the protein content in flour is higher, the better toughness and elasticity, not easy to cook off, more pliable.

Hanging noodles sold on the market now, most of the added salt . A lot of the supermarket freezer Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle, the list of ingredients are "sodium carbonate". This is to allow more chewy noodles.

Look at the above

nutrition, 22 (100 grams) of sodium content in surface, equivalent to 3 grams (400 milligrams of sodium equivalent to 1 grams of salt), the two sides of it, ate all day long salt limit 60%!

that is to say, is like a bowl of noodles in the above figure without any seasoning, has been equivalent to the amount of salt for two meals.

Too much sodium in

can raise blood pressure and limit sodium intake. This point, has been suffering from high blood pressure friends should pay special attention to.

so, we don’t pursue noodle taste, look at the nutritional ingredients of , try to choose a low sodium content of noodles .


noodles more white nutrition better?

flour would be slightly dark, slightly yellow color, and not white.

white flour, generally there are two possibilities:

so, the noodles are not as white as possible, according to the noodle color to choose noodles, not fly.


coarse noodles better?

coarse noodles is good, the key is what is the use of grains, with grain size.

Sell grains noodles

most of the supermarket, the grains proportion is very low, mainly white flour. This is because noodles do you need good toughness, and most grain gluten content is low and the toughness is relatively small.

If only a small amount of

and a little of the grains, such as mung bean or corn, nutritive value and white noodles not what difference. and pure coarse noodles, it is more suitable for old friends and friends of the "three high" food.