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The aftermath of rape in the birth of a nation "rough" cancel screenings of "born" in a country from Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) this Tuesday, the American Film Institute (The American Film Institute, AFI ·) President James Shute (Jan; Schuette) announced the cancellation of this Friday "the birth of a nation" (Birth of a Nation) screening, directed by and starring Nate · Parke (Nate Parker) access links are also scheduled for after bathing. Last week, Parke and publisher of Fuchs searchlight has been busy for his 1999 rape. Earlier this month, Parke’s case was again become Street Lane heard scandal after AFI screening would have been his first public appearance. Shute said: "I have heard a lot of different opinions about the show, and I think it is necessary for us to discuss the gender, race and other topics before watching the film. Next week we will host a special seminar to explore the identity of artists and audiences." The company is still behind Parke scandal, the October 7th film schedule and other public travel have made no change, Shute said, the company will also hold other film screenings, the specific date has not yet been announced. In 1999, Parke and friends, but also "the birth of a nation" one of the writers for · Celestin (Jean Celestin) accused of raping a 18 year old woman, the victim said that he completely drunken two men become unconscious, but claimed that sexual behavior is the two sides since may. In 2001, Parke was cleared of the crime of rape, but Celestin’s sexual assault charges, he filed an appeal in 2005 a chance, and later because the victim refused to testify the case again, and no retrial. Last week, variety show material exposure, said the identity of the unknown woman in 2012 to take nearly 200 sleeping pills committed suicide. Parke on Facebook said he learned of her death after grief, but stressed his innocence. He wrote: "I can’t imagine how much this has done to her family. I can’t and I don’t want to turn a blind eye to the pain she suffered after the trial and the end." "Born" in a country is Nate · Parke’s directorial debut, tells the story of 1831 by Reverend Nate · Turner led slaves riot story. In January this year, the film premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, won the grand jury prize and Audience Award two awards. Fuchs Searchlight Pictures paid $17 million 500 thousand for the film North American distribution rights, a movie under the Sundance Film Festival record. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: