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The average wage in Beijing official rumor expert: free to publish misleading great original title: "the average wage in Beijing 16 district official rumor expert: free to publish the average wage greatly misleading Beijing News News (reporter Wu Wei) yesterday, an article entitled" the average wage of Beijing District 16 list, the first name is actually……! The article in WeChat circle of friends caused a lot of reading and forwarding. Today, the Mentougou Bureau of statistics released the official WeChat rumor information, said the paper "small sample volumes, representative range, and the actual situation of serious deviation" "Department of a company in the business operation, to attract the public eye false news released". The reporter contacted the Mentougou Bureau of statistics, the staff confirmed the rumor information. Experts said that the arbitrary release of the average wage is misleading to the public, even the social security sector should be a comprehensive and objective release. Mentougou average wage was ranked first district bureau denied the above text said, Beijing summer average wage of 9240 yuan ranked first in the country". The average wage of Beijing’s 16 districts were ranked in reverse order. The average wage in Huairou District 4120 yuan, ranked sixteenth, and Mentougou district to the average wage of 7380 yuan, ranks first in the 16 districts. The article also noted that the data source: the site of the friends of friends, for reference only". Today, Mentougou area statistics bureau official certification of WeChat "Mentougou statistics" for this article released a statement rumor. The statement said: WeChat circle of friends circulated in Beijing on the 16 district average wage ranking information, the content will be the average wage in Mentougou as the city’s first, causing some people hot. After the incident, the Bureau of statistics, Mentougou District Economic and social survey of Mentougou district and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of statistics actively made contact, full communication and the information were carefully verified, that this information is false information." The statement said, the article quoted data does not come from official data, is a company operating in the business operation, to attract the public eye false news release, the statistical statement of the information in the data source "Messko website" to take the wages, small sample volumes, the representative is poor. There is a serious deviation from the actual situation. Today, the reporter contacted the Mentougou District Bureau of statistics, the relevant staff of this statement was confirmed. Statistics Department: the official release of the average wage, the survey sample of nearly ten million in June this year, the city of Beijing released the 2015 annual average wage of workers in the city, the data for the first year of 85038, the average monthly wage of $7086. Subsequently, the average wage of human social security departments according to social adjustment of the social insurance base, Beijing City five insurance contribution base rate from 19389 to 21258 yuan. How is the official social average wage calculated? What is the purpose of the official average wage? Reporters from the Provincial Bureau of statistics data has been published data learned that the private sector wage statistics is a comprehensive investigation, the private sector is a sample survey. Beijing Municipal Bureau of statistics, the relevant person in charge, Beijing statistics "non private units", covering the state-owned, collective, joint economy, joint-stock economy, foreign investment economy, Kay相关的主题文章: