The battle of Yanbian rare zhe doubtful Xie Feng denied rumors – Beijing player

The battle of Yanbian rare zhe doubtful Xie Feng denied rumors Beijing – Beijing morning news (reporter song player contract?) tonight, Beijing Guoan will usher in a super game, home court against Yanbian Fude team. At yesterday’s conference, the national security team leader Xie Feng praised the distinctive characteristics of the Yanbian team. For the player’s contract expires rumors, Xie Feng said he was more concerned about training and competition. A national security did not win at home in Yongchang, after 24 games, the national security team to win the game with 8 wins and 9 losses, the cumulative score of 33 points in the standings, the distance from the top ranked Hebei Huaxia only 2 points, only seventh points, the score of. Xie Feng said, playing some regret, but tomorrow will go all out to play the team’s cohesion, to win the game." This Guoan frequently adjust the schedule, Xie Feng said, "(the ball) to tomorrow is more appropriate, if later, will face the national team training camp. Recent continuous game, we lose some physical." For today’s opponents, Xie Feng said, Yanbian is very distinctive, very sharp counterattack, with local skilled, so tomorrow’s game against each other to counter the key. We have two days to restore the main training, after all, after two games after some fatigue." Of particular concern is the condition of Zhang Xizhe, because of his leg injury missed the Yongchang game, when asked about the face of Yanbian can play, Xie Feng said, "these two days Zhang Xizhe feel a little better, but it can not play the game is not to say. Today he can not participate in training on, had a specific look at tomorrow’s physical condition." In addition, these days there are rumors that many players face Guoan contract, this Xie Feng said: "there is no such rumors in the team, if there are so many people want to go, next year the situation will be very good." Zhang Chengdong also said, "our team was in good condition, there will be this or that message to the effect of internal morale. But this is not our problem. We are professional players, will fulfill the contract, according to the interests of the team, to play a good game. I believe that all the players will stand together and face each other."相关的主题文章: