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The beauty of a bar alone Sike Beach "Thriller" shark shark is very inspirational Beijing – – reporter Yin Xuesong since 1975 director Spielberg’s "Jaws" release, the big screen has a ruthless and cruel top killer. The shark has become a seaside nightmare for tourists, but also provides Everfount to horror film. Today, Columbia pictures produced the thriller film "shark Beach" escape in domestic release, and let the "nightmare" to continue. Yesterday, the "evening viewing train" in Shijiazhuang UME studios early to watch the film, although not what bloody scenes in the film, but has a lot of thriller atmosphere, sexy beauty alone shark mouth escape story, looks very inspirational. The film took a flashback to the opening, a little boy picked up a camera on the beach, the picture scared he flew all the way, the shark figure flashed. Then, the heroine of the film Black? Only lively debut, after the show good figure, start surfing. Because of the foundation before, plus the stimulation rhythm music contrasts, the actress seems all the time in the shark watching, each dive seems to lose your life. The audience always on tenterhooks pressure, until the shark really appeared before the audience was relieved, as if to say "it came……" However, the wonderful show has just begun. Here we have to admire the director of bortezomib? Shyla "extremely cruel and merciless" — "Jaws", was attacked by a group of fishing experts, they have weapons, as well as boats, although these also failed to save their life, but they are well prepared, know your face is what the opponent. And in the shark beach, the shark attacked a lone beauty, only a surfboard, she did not guard, no equipment, not even a pair of pants…… Meet is a very persistent, never say die a tendon shark, you say coincidence? In fact, our heroine is to go to her mother had to go back to the beach nostalgia, it is so simple. The story of the film is also very simple, sharks want to eat the heroine, and the heroine did not want to let it eat! It’s easy to say, but hard to do. The heroine was trapped drowned in a flood will rock, together with her only looked like a "emergency food" seagull. He was injured, but also by a shark bite of the heroine, played a battle with heaven and earth of the dauntless spirit, give yourself stitches heal, hard to survive. You do not ask me where the needle is coming from, that picture is too bloody, the big screen did not dare to put, you fill up the brain. The tide, sea water will be submerged reef. The shark face panzhongcan smirked: "small, I do not believe you do not come down!" Not far from the reef there is a buoy, which is the last hope of the heroine. With her own strong will power, careful observation of the shark’s every move, to find out its law of action, in order to survive to make a final stroke! Well, can only say so much, then spoilers should be feeding sharks…… Actress in the end how life and death, you go to the cinema.相关的主题文章: