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About Pharmaceutical Prices

Over the years the pharmaceutical prices have increased and the world is experiencing the effects. Pharmaceutical supplies are becoming much hard to afford by the majority. The ones behind the increasing pharmaceutical prices are the medical experts, the insurance companies and a couple of other organizations. in order to make a lot of profit the pharmaceutical companies have hiked the prices of their services.

A couple of writers have delved into matters healthcare and they have provided information about the situation. Another author who has written more facts about the pharmaceutical companies is Fred Hollingsworth. He believes it is the biggest scam according to the reasons he gives. It is now known that the doctors play a major role in the pricing as they order a number of unnecessary tests, prescribe medications that are not important and they perform costly surgical procedures.

Hollingsworth states with unbiased truth that the pharmaceutical companies are ready to take down any competition that arises. Less costly, safer and better healthcare are the goals of the alternatives. Alternative health movement, orthomolecular medicine and complementary medicine among others are ready to take over and lead in the pharmaceutical industry.
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To add on the unfair tactics of the pharmaceutical industry, they are trying to play mind games on people sighted by creating myths about early aging and ill health. Lack of fair competition is causing the pharmaceutical companies to thrive in market. Once they take over the industry they dictate the terms of service and the ones left to suffer are the patients and people who have no freedom of choice.
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Hollingsworth proposes that all humanity should rise on their feet and take the bull by its horn demanding for the medical freedom. He emphasizes the need for the fight and rebukes any reluctance to do so.

The lack of medical freedom has resulted to certain issues. The expensive healthcare, unaffordable drugs, high cost to see physicians and escalated hospital bills are the examples of the outcomes we have to deal with. Since the patients struggling due to the current situation have not been part of the health reforms, they have not succeeded.

The law makers and the system should be challenged for them to do things right according to Hollingsworth. Every day of our life healthcare is important. Healthcare is very important but many cannot access because it is expensive. The consequences of not having a plan are many and they will manifest when one has a medical emergency.

The healthcare system therefore needs to be reformed with zeal and brevity. A lot of people cannot access medical care and this is not humane.