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Arts-and-Entertainment It was some time before when Magento has announced the release of new version of its most popular Magento e.merce platform. There was lot of buzz in the market about the new features that were integrated in the platform to over.e the limitations of the present version. That latest feature is also expected to top the charts as it has got every feature that is needed for a business e.merce platform. How Magento 2 is helpful for the Business Let us discuss about the features of Magento 2 that is helpful for the business. New File Structure: According to the press release the new version of Magento will feature very good changes in the present file structure and the base theme option will be eliminated. This elimination means that now custom theme development would be very easy. Anyhow when the e.merce website is designed for business then it necessary to customize the theme and other functions according to the business requirement. Separate Front and Backend Logic According to the published data now the development of the logics of both front end and back end will be different that means it would be easier to test the developed codes, it would be easier to make modifications in the software and it would take very less time for the modifications. This new change will increase the scalability of the platform and the developers would be having more fun. Magento developers dont have to think about front end when they are doing any modification in the back end and vice versa. For business people when the time taken for the development is reduced it will definitely reduce their investment also. Improved Performance: This is the most important feature, the performance of the platform should be good to make it a success and Magento 2 has improvised in that segments like HHVM .patibility, varnish 4, image .pression improved, Static content caching in browser, JS code have reduced and indexing is improved. Every segment that contributes towards better performance of the platform has been improvised in the new version. This clearly shows that the latest version of Magento is targeted for .plete satisfaction of the clients. Magento development India is keeping close watch on the developments to implement the technology as it is released. Improved Catalogue Browsing & Checkout: The latest version of magento is not only client focused development platform but it has many features that will make the customer very happy like it helps customer to browse through product much faster than earlier version and it is very easy to add the product in the cart. That was about purchase, but the checkout process is also made very short, which means customer will have to go through very few pages and clicks to check out. Apart from above mentioned features there are few very much desired features that has been integrated in the platform like easier site maintenance, faster time to market, increased scalability, attractive and user-friendly admin panel for pleasant Magento e.merce development experience. Latest technologies like HTML 5 and CSS3 is enabled in the platform that means developers will have more options for designing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: