The better the milk, the better The truth different milk color is not the same

The better the milk, the better? The truth: the color of milk is not the same in general, milk is the "white" symbol, even all love whitening mask say they have milk, although milk can whitening has not yet been confirmed. However, foreign friends often drink milk will find that foreign milk is not always white, occasionally with a faint yellow. So the question is, are the milk white? Milk must be white? Well, the more white milk better? In fact, different milk color is really not the same. First of all, to understand why milk is white? Color is related to the reflection of light. If a material can only reflect green light, then this thing will be green; if only the reflection of red light is red; if most light absorb words will appear black; conversely, if almost all the light reflected back, it is white. Milk protein, calcium, casein that light absorption ability is relatively poor, so almost all the light reflected back, with the synthesis of white light, it is the white milk. The more substances in milk, the more light it reflects, the more white and white it looks. Skim milk and low-fat milk because the concentration is not so high, it looks not so thick white milk. Some people may drink milk when the small yellow, occasionally feel in retrospect "or the previous milk flavor". In fact, milk yellow may be related to the milk cows eat what. For example, in summer and autumn season and grazing cows for food containing carotene, lutein more green grass, feed the carotene in form of vitamin A in the digestion process, there is also a part of carotene into the milk in the milk was pale yellow, the color of milk will become light yellow. The cows eat milk to feed is all about, so there will be a brand of milk a color phenomenon. In addition, when it comes to milk yellow will have to mention the Maillard reaction. Maillard reaction is also known as "non enzymatic browning reaction", is a kind of non enzymatic browning exists widely in food industry, is the carbonyl compounds (reducing sugars) and amino compounds (amino acid and protein) interactions, through a complex process generated is brown or even black macromolecules or melanoidins the melanin, so also known as the Maillard reaction. This reaction exists widely in food cooking, food is usually a darker brown point will make people feel more mellow, but also for this reason. Because of the relationship between the shelf life and transportation conditions, foreign milk needs to be sterilized at a higher temperature. Under high temperature, the milk in the oil will happen Maillard reaction, the color becomes slightly brown, milk was diluted into light yellow will also be not at all surprising.相关的主题文章: