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Golf The Golf Club that Made Callaway Famous Driving golf balls long and straight down the fairway is one of golf’s greatest thrills. Unfortunately, before Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr. arrived on the scene, the higher handicap golfer rarely had this great experience. Then, in 1991, Callaway introduced the Big Bertha driver. Named for the great German Big Bertha howitzer, the Callaway Big Bertha driver featured a revolutionary change in golf equipment- a large volume club head. With the appearance of the big headed driver, a 190 cc steal head golf club, the perfect drive was as close as your nearest golf store. The secret was in the large head with the increased sweet spot. Before, only a near perfect meeting of the club and ball would result in a great drive. Now, the Big Bertha driver allowed more room for error and if the swing wasn’t exactly perfect the golf ball would still rocket down the fairway. Since introducing the first Big Bertha, Callaway has continually tried to improve the driver. Improved versions have appeared as the "Great Big Bertha" and the "Biggest Big Bertha". But Callaway wasn’t finished. They introduced titanium models including the Grand Big Bertha Hawkeye Titanium driver. Titanium drivers are designed to lighten the club head without sacrificing distance. The great Big Bertha Hawkeye titanium driver became an overnight success. At the same time the USGA began to allow increased club head size. The maximum has now gone from the original 190 cc limit to a hefty 460 cc’s. As the club head size increased, the Callaway Big Bertha 454 driver and the Callaway Big Bertha 460 driver made their appearance. With the dramatic improvements in golf club metallurgy, a ladies Callaway Big Bertha 460 driver became available, proving that women can use a large club head driver. Callaway’s patented Fusion technology, fuses (hence the name) titanium and a carbon .posite. This helps redistribute the club head weight and move it away from the center of gravity. This subtle change increases the club’s stability. The result is even more distance and improved accuracy. Callaway has also designed a shallower face and flatter shape into the Big Bertha driver, further increasing distance and accuracy. The results are not unnoticed by the touring pros. Both Phil Mickelson and Gary Player have strongly endorsed the Callaway driver. While Callaway Golf was built on the Big Bertha driver, it has developed a .plete line of golf clubs and equipment. It expanded its fusion technology into its sets of fairway woods. It also offers a Fusion FT-3 driver which has been endorsed by Annika Sorenstam. It also offers a .plete line of golf irons, golf bags, golf shoes and even Big Bertha golf balls. New and used Big Bertha and other Callaway’s products are readily available at a variety of stores, or shop online at many reputable Internet stores. Callaway also has a .plete web site for preowned Callaway golf clubs and equipment. One can also find pre-owned and discount clubs on Ebay or specialized Internet stores at a good price. The Big Bertha driver, like its German namesake, .pletely changed how a golf ball was driven and set new standards for the game of golf. Even though one may score in the ni.ies, that golfer can still drive a golf ball long and straight and maybe not spend so much money at the 19th hole. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: