The boy took 6000 yuan to play the game equipment was handed to the police surrendered to the police-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The boy took 6000 yuan by the parents to the police station and " gaming equipment; surrender " – Sohu news September 18th around 11 p.m., a 10 year old boy walked into the Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau police station bridge. He cried and said, "my father made me come from the first." The police on duty to appease them, the little boy held back chouye told the police, he took 6000 yuan to buy games and equipment, are found out by the parents, the parents will escort the son to the police station to surrender. Modern Express correspondent Yu Xuan ZAKER reporter Gu Yuansen Nanjing police learned that bright (pseudonym) is the third grade primary school students, usually at home is very strict, have a good performance, he has been the hearts of parents baby. On the evening of September 18th, when my mother was cleaning up the room, she suddenly found that 6000 yuan of cash in the wardrobe drawer disappeared. "If the home stolen, the thief not only took 6000 yuan in cash." My mother decided that this is bright secretly took the money, but he does not recognize when asked bright. Subsequently, the parents in serious questioning, bright fear, has finally revealed the truth, crying and admit that you took. "My own kids lie, I can see it at a glance!" To be bright and the exchange of police after a period of time, bright dad just walked into a police station. The summer vacation this year, bright hooked on online games, the beginning he was free to play games, then he gradually found some friends in the game a sudden increase in strength, after asking to know they buy a prepaid card, prepaid purchase will move the bright idea of game equipment. He is telling parents, in the Mid Autumn Festival has several times secretly took home money to buy prepaid game equipment, when the parents found home when cash less, have bright recharge 6000 yuan to buy games and equipment. Originally thought that the parents do not doubt yourself, the applet was found. Her parents took him up to the Banqiao police station, "you go to surrender, the situation with the police uncle said well, see you how to deal with the police." Parents took his son to the police station door, let him into the police station, so there is a scene in the beginning of this article. Shiny parents told police, parents just want to give the child a profound lesson, is afraid of him not long memory, go astray. The police and the first bright talk, make him aware of mistakes, realize the seriousness of the problem, the police will wait for the shiny parents for children in the mediation room, common education. The police also remind parents of children bright, hobbies should have the proper education and correct guidance, we should pay attention to education method. After some exchanges, a family of three out of the police station in a calm mood.相关的主题文章: