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The Chinese textbook added Matt     pay attention to method of reading and writing rules — Education — the new semester began, Hangzhou primary and middle school students can get new textbooks — textbooks of junior middle school turned, Matt first appeared! And primary school language, including Hangzhou, Zhejiang junior high school students use the language teaching material, the vast majority of people’s education publishing house, the latest version by the Ministry of education in 2016. At first glance, the new version than the old version of "fat" in a circle, with A4 paper size. Open look, is the color TV and black-and-white television — the difference between new and old version of color printing, in addition to the front and back cover, the textbooks are put it down in black and white. This makes the new textbooks seem more vivid, especially the exquisite pictures of small illustrations, it is good to hear or see. And the blank version of textbooks has increased, more convenient for students to take notes, can also according to their own needs, before class, in class and after class, or appropriate to do next batch, batch etc.. Mom and dad for children to buy the bag, with A4 paper, try to put it down. Each text added before reading guidance yesterday, Hangzhou City College of Teacher Education in junior high school Chinese researcher Zhou Hui told reporters, in the seven grade language textbooks as an example, the total contents from the old version of the 30, the 24 version of the article down to. Compared with the old ones, reducing the new textbook contents of junior high school students and teachers, is good news, not only reduces the difficulty of learning, but also reduce the pressure for both teaching, teachers and students more independent learning time. At the same time, the new teaching material has increased the domestic and foreign classical literary works, pays more attention to the cultivation of Chinese accomplishment, and the knowledge system is more clear. Zhou Hui took the new seven grade text contents sorted out, including Liu Zhanqiu’s "rain seasons", Zhu Geliang’s "commandment book", Conrad? Lorenz’s "animal joke" and so on, are not used in the textbooks, and like Lu Xun’s "Baicao garden to three kinds of book store" and Pu Songling "the wolf", is adjusted from the original in grade seven. Zhou Hui think, the new textbook is still using the selected type, but more focused on the text from the perspective of students; new textbooks continue to use the theme of components, such as the first unit is "the beauty", the second unit is the "beloved family", but thematically focus more reasonable; the new textbooks also specifically divided each unit text. To "teach reading" and "read" and "reading" three courses, the effective part of the extracurricular reading into the curriculum, reading communication class, remarkable importance of extra-curricular reading. In addition to many of the newly selected text is refreshing, another major feature of the new textbook is to pay special attention to learning methods and knowledge and skills to teach and guide. For example, before each text has a "preview". The text is not much, but very concise, inspiring the students how to effectively prepare, belongs to the reading guide, very useful. For example, the new textbooks on language knowledge, starting from the meaning of words, phrases, vocabulary, lexical category and so on, step by step to guide the students; in the aspect of rhetoric, grade seven key be arranged to explain the metaphor, analogy, parallelism and other related knowledge; literary sense and text)相关的主题文章: