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The Commercial Press published the first domestic museum Zodiac calendar "auspicious" – Caragana Beijing Beijing in November 7 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) in 2017 is Chinese traditional Zodiac "chicken", but also the commercial press 120 anniversary. 7, the commercial press in Beijing launched the first Pavilion memorial book "auspicious" Zodiac calendar: 2017 c.. This is also the first domestic publishing circles in the Museum of natural knowledge and in one of the zodiac calendar. According to the introduction, the text introduces the main calendar since nineteenth Century from natural history masters such as John, Grant, Gould Ogilvie?? George? Ferguson’s works and articles, invite relevant experts with the modern animal literature carefully compiled, concise and clear transfer of natural history purport, combined with the unique flavor of Chinese NEW year, let the whole world pheasant. The calendar collected 365 pieces of chicken naturalists rendering pictures, including a variety of rare chicken breed, is also included in the classification of chicken and various wild aves to belong to the "chicken", such as feather color of Poland chicken, dressed in costumes gorgeous peacock and colorful golden pheasant. It is worth mentioning that these pictures are carefully from the museum have hand-painted watercolor painting, painter, lithograph, woodcut art form, with true to life diversity shows a variety of chicken and their "relatives" — "wild chicken" kind of colorful image, many varieties and species are Chinese people No. It can be said that the rich imagination and knowledge about calendar chicken and its related culture, is a small but complete with chicken as the protagonist of the encyclopedia. The general manager Yu Dianli said, in the Chinese Zodiac culture has a long history, the northern and Southern Dynasties became popular, Zodiac culture and every Chinese are closely related. "Zodiac calendar: 2017 golden pheasant auspicious" kicked off the zodiac calendar, that is from the beginning of this year, there are in the same year as the theme of the zodiac calendar year to meet with readers. (end)相关的主题文章: