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In the comparison of firm political confidence in the system (Book Review) – Gansu channel: original title: in the comparison of firm political confidence in the system (Book Review) Xu Yumiao editor of the "Chinese and foreign political system series (Second Edition)" published by the commercial press before the day. The new version, on the basis of maintaining the original academic style and style, eliminated the outdated content, supplemented the new materials and new views, and had three characteristics. It embodies the feelings of China. In recent years, China’s reform and opening up and socialist modernization have been accelerated. A series of new situations, new problems and new experiences have emerged in the construction of political system. We need to sum up and refine them in time to make good stories in China and enhance self-confidence in political system. According to the concept and goal pursued by the party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, the series explored in this aspect, reflecting strong sense of national conditions and problems. It embodies the vision of the world. China’s political system is an important part of the world’s political civilization, and the problem of China’s development should be put into consideration in the world’s big pattern. The compilation of the series throughout this is a basic principle that we should learn from other countries the excellent political civilization, we, for our own use; and according to our country actual bold innovation, out of a road with Chinese characteristics of the development of the political system and political construction road. It embodies the consciousness of the subject. The comparative study between Chinese politics and Chinese and foreign political system has not been restored until after the reform and opening up. Discipline construction started late and developed slowly, lagging behind the disciplines of economics and sociology in China. In order to change this situation, the series writers invited many famous experts and scholars to work together to overcome difficulties. In a relatively short time, this series of books was launched to fill gaps in the comparative discipline of Chinese and foreign political system. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)

在比较中坚定政治制度自信(新书评介)–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:在比较中坚定政治制度自信(新书评介)   徐育苗主编的《中外政治制度比较丛书(第二版)》日前由商务印书馆出版。新版本在保持原有学术风格和体例的基础上,剔除了过时的内容,增补了新材料、新观点,具有三个特点。   体现了中国情怀。近些年来,我国改革开放和社会主义现代化建设加速推进,政治制度建设出现一系列新情况、新问题、新经验,需要我们及时总结和提炼,以讲好中国故事、增强政治制度自信。根据党的十八届三中全会提出的推进国家治理体系和治理能力现代化的理念和目标追求,该丛书在这个方面进行了深入探索,体现了较强的国情意识与问题意识。   体现了世界视野。中国政治制度是世界政治文明的重要组成部分,中国的发展问题要放在世界大格局中思考。该丛书的编纂贯穿着这样一条基本原则,即我们既要学习其他国家的优秀政治文明成果,以我为主、为我所用;又要根据我国实际大胆创新,走出一条具有中国特色的政治制度发展和政治建设道路。   体现了学科意识。我国政治学与中外政治制度比较研究在改革开放后才恢复,学科建设起步较晚、发展较慢,落后于我国经济学、社会学等学科。为改变这种状况,该丛书编写者约请多位知名专家学者通力合作,克服重重困难,在比较短的时间推出了这套丛书,填补了中外政治制度比较学科的空白。 (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章: