The cure can not save the Japanese! Tweet appears to be a primary and middle school

The cure can not save the Japanese! Twitter’s occurrence of primary and secondary school students’ killing notice is not known that social pressure is increasing, or the atmosphere of two diseases is getting heavier and heavier. 11 District citizens are also increasingly "unable to control my memory". Yesterday (November 7th), according to the Asahi news report, a criminal report on the killing of primary and middle school students was issued on twitter. According to Japanese media reports, between November 4th and 6, twitter will kill primary and middle school students in Fukuoka county. According to the consultation of the police in Fukuoka County, the reporters received the news that the police were on the alert after the 7 day of school. According to the introduction of Fukuoka County police and Education Committee, Twitter’s content is "go to Fukuoka county now, let children pay attention to trucks and so on. The killing game has officially started. "I will act on the 7 day of school." Wait。 Japanese melon eating netizen said, "is this product remembered because it read the new death note?" "if you catch it, you will find that it is also a child." "With that blessings, my child didn’t go to school." "The goods are not good enough, do something quickly." The "51 murder notice is good, I want to rest for a month." Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works