The Danish study breast X-ray radiography will lead to excessive treatment

Danish study: breast X radiography may lead to over diagnosis and treatment problems – Sohu healthAccording to the British

reported in January 9th, a Danish study shows that breast cancer screening may be extensive screening to small, slow growing tumors, if the diagnosis does not inhibit the advanced cancers, these tumors are not fatal. The study suggests that these screenings are related to the over diagnosis of breast cancer.

reported that in recent years, with more and more women undergoing breast X light contrast examination, early diagnosis of cancer and breast ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) in the diagnosis of precancerous lesions increased sharply.

the study provides new evidence for a link between routine screening and the diagnosis of benign tumors. It compares the results of the same period in two different regions of Denmark, a region for women aged between 59 to 69 years of age to provide two years of breast X light contrast examination, while the other did not provide.

over diagnosis means that some healthy women were given a diagnosis of breast cancer is not necessary, "the Danish Cochran Center (Nordic Cochrane Nordic Centre) principal investigator Cass Teng (Karsten Juhl Jorgensen) dr..

"Breast cancer diagnosis is a life changing event for women and their families and has a significant impact on their quality of life,"

said". "Sometimes overtreatment can lead to surgery, radiation, and sometimes chemotherapy. We know how serious these treatments are, and sometimes even fatal."

reported that the researchers in the annals of internal medicine (Annals of Internal), said the screening of breast cancer and lower incidence of unrelated tumors.

this raises questions about whether breast X radiography can reduce the risk of breast cancer deaths.

in addition, the researchers estimate, diagnose in breast X light angiography in female breast tumors, there are as many as 1/3 from does not lead to significant health problems will not lead to death, these are all examples of excessive diagnosis.