The eastern part of Ningbo in the future will be a clear lake surrounding area full secret

The eastern part of Ningbo in the future will be a clear lake surrounding area full secret

Ningbo lake, lake, there will also be a lake! It has been getting closer and closer to the footsteps of the people!

in the future will appear in the eastern part of Ningbo, a full range of Ming Lake area

in September last year, the eastern metro construction headquarters held a press conference, issued a "fusion of East New Town Development and construction and city development" about the situation, the meeting noted that "will accelerate the lake work planning, design and land acquisition, to start in 2017". More than 20 hectares of Lake area will be like? Ming Lake area city design and landscape design is what?

where is the lake? How big is it?

lake is located in the eastern town core area of East area center, specifically for the planning of Sheng Mo Road East, East Nanjing Road South, North Hubin road.

Ming Lake area located in the eastern part of the new east area at the end of the central corridor of the core. The total area of about 65 hectares, with a land area of about 40 hectares, the size of more than 20 hectares of water area of water — Lake is equivalent to two of the lake. Location of

Lake in the eastern New City

Ming Lake area will be built?

Relying on the

lake beautiful landscape, the development of the region around Lake: commercial entertainment, tourism and leisure, business meetings, parks and other functions.

future, Ming Lake will become the eastern new city open space and an important functional node.

on the northwest side of the lake: forest habitat

in the high-end residential waterfront as the main image of the city, close to the area of the lake surrounding land planning for Lake City Square, the area from the subway station to TOD (in the subway and other public transport oriented development mode) will become the commercial development, the comprehensive development of the core ring Lake area.

Ming Hunan side: urban residential area

retains the old city of Ningbo by the water in the form of life, at the same time, the central corridor to leisure and cultural city impression into the ring Lake area, so the ring Lake area to the South Lake planning for the world record.

design points include:

– continuous extension of waterfront space;

– rich functional layout;

– connect the sight and pedestrian corridor;

– well-proportioned construction line;

– both the lake view tower layout;

Architectural design vocabulary

– emphasis on leisure character;