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The eight year old couple waiting for the final round of half a century of a dream wedding 54 years after the re marriage – Beijing, Beijing, Nanchong, November 14, (Wang Jue Ceng Jianglin Jess Zhang) 14, reporters from the Nanchong District Civil Affairs Bureau, an elderly couple came to hold the Shunqing District Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office, "that will be held the collective wedding, we want to report a two old people." Staff warmly received them, after some understanding, the two old man filled in the registration form. "For decades, I have had a dream, that is with his wife to do a wedding with an air of importance." It is reported that two elderly people live in Shunqing District Nanchong Road, called Uncle Liu Changji, a 83 year old aunt called Zhengbi Zhao, 80 years old this year, two elderly people are hefatongyan, spirit is hale and hearty, when talking about the upcoming collective wedding, Zhao Zhengbi full of expectations, "a few days ago, listen to the usual dance sister said the Civil Affairs Bureau to do a collective wedding ceremony, it was thought that only for the newlyweds, I still can not be reconciled, because our family from the marriage registration office is very near, so I have to ask, hear the staff said we meet the conditions, the heart is really very happy." Liu Changji and Zhao Zhengbi according to the wedding photos. Zhong Xin photo "we got married in May 1, 1962, the first night, more than a dozen colleagues together to sit, everyone a pea, two did not have a sticky candy, ceremony, which like so many names." Recalled the scene that year, Liu Changji have mixed feelings, "even a new dress didn’t buy her, not to mention the price, that time really wronged her, but did not have a way, too hard." Liu Changji said that after retirement, he went with his wife to go all over the country, but also make up a lot of wedding photos, but then simply not decent wedding is still a big regret. "Met Liu, is the greatest happiness of my life." It is understood that Zhao Zhengbi was born in a small village in Chongqing in 1936, when she was 3, 4 years old, it was during the Anti Japanese War, extreme poverty and the disease claimed the life of his father, the mother of a man pulled two children. In 1945, the end of the war, the mother with her 9 year old brother and entered the city, forced livelihoods, Zhao Zhengbi was sent to a blacksmith home as a child bride, at that time, was very young but very sensible, she thought I’d never see my family again, so once All thoughts are blasted. Unexpectedly, after liberation, with the help of the government, Zhao Zhengbi miraculously returned to his mother. Liu Changji and Zhao Zhengbi retired after a group photo. Photo by Zhong Xin in order to live, Zhao Zhengbi entered a silk factory in Chongqing about 13 years old, as a child, "just thinking about being able to do more to do more, to reduce the burden on the mother." Year after year, day in and day out, Zhao Zhengbi became a technical expert workshop from unsuspectingly girl, although she is less than 20, but many of the population of "master zhao". In 1955, the silk factory and an arsenal of fellowship, 19 year old Zhao Zhengbi met his life partner Liu Changji: "at that time to engage in activities, I told Liu in a group, this feeling)相关的主题文章: