The embassy reminded to comply with the provisions of the king funeral customs in the period of Thai-mentalist

The Chinese Embassy in Thailand to remind citizens King funeral period provisions of Customs in the embassy to remind the original title: comply with the relevant provisions of the king funeral period custom in new network on 14 October, October 13th in the Thai citizens, King Bhumibhol of Thailand died of illness. China Embassy in Kingdom of Thailand issued reminders, in Chinese Thai citizens to abide by the relevant provisions of the customs during the funeral of king. The decision of the government of Thailand since 14 and a year, the national mourning, stop all public entertainment for 30 days. Thailand’s prime minister also called on the people of Thailand in the next year dressed in black as a symbol of mourning. Chinese Embassy to remind, King Bhumibhol enjoyed high prestige, loved by the people of Thailand, his death so that the people of Thailand extremely sad. Please all the Thai Chinese citizens must be in public, especially in places that mourning dress and manners, abide by the relevant regulations and Thailand during the funeral rite, and consciously safeguard the people to people friendship. The Chinese Embassy and the embassy issued led Paul to help Tel: 0066-854833327 (24 hours a day, 0066-2-2457010 (mobile phone) working days 9:00 17:00); if necessary, please contact the Chinese Embassy in Thailand to seek help. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: