The face of the four big bad white market continues to promote the upgrading of the structure


for the home appliance industry, in 2016 can be described as thrilling, ups and downs of the year. The first half of the inventory to the market as the theme of a scene of infighting. The second half of the demand accident broke out, the situation is like a roller coaster like innumerable twists and turns. Fortunately, the results are not too bad, according to industry estimates, although the overall performance of the white market in 2016 is still in the doldrums, but compared with previous years, a slight increase.

white main products, air conditioning by the real estate and weather pull the most obvious effect. Longmen Orville data show that in 2016 China air-conditioning market sales to achieve sales of 47 million 790 thousand units, an increase of 9.1%, retail sales rose 160 billion 600 million, 9.7%.

the second half of 2016 washing machine market strong counterattack, stimulate the market scale up. Orville yunwang push the total data show that in 2016 China washing machine market to achieve sales of 34 million 280 thousand units, an increase of 2.2 percentage points, retail sales of 61 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 1.2 percentage points.

although the second half of 2016 the market constantly surprises, but from the full year, China refrigerator market to achieve sales of 34 million 620 thousand units, down 0.7 percentage points, retail sales of 96 billion 400 million yuan, down 1.8 percentage points.

in 2016 the market performance of different products, there are ups and downs, the market has been set for the year. As for how to develop the white market in 2017, industry insiders have said that the impact of multiple negative factors, is expected in the first half of the year better than in the second half, but in 2017 China’s white market will remain sluggish, the annual pressure.

2017 white electricity market in the face of the four negative factors

to a large extent, the enormous pressure on the home appliance market and the macroeconomic situation has a great relationship. Britain to take off the European Union, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, in particular, Trump is about to enter the White House, the old and new policy makes the world economy there is a great deal of uncertainty. Faced with such a complex international economic situation, in 2017 the export of household electrical appliances will face a severe test.

in the past thirty years, China’s economy has made remarkable achievements in the investment, export, consumption driven by the three carriages. However, with the slowdown in the world economy and China’s economy into the new normal, the three driving force on the economy is becoming increasingly sluggish. Therefore, from the macro economic situation inside and outside, the home appliance industry and the development of China’s manufacturing industry are facing great difficulties.

among the many factors, the impact of real estate on the home appliance market is more direct. The white home appliance Department analyst Wang Hongji believes that the real estate market in 2017 with the purchase of the policy and money supply decreased gradually cooling. And it can be determined that Xianfang sales far ahead of the auction. According to the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2016 1-10;