The famous scenic spot staged around the battle war is right or for profit Sohu Culture Channel

The famous scenic spot staged around the battle "war" is right or for profit? Sohu culture channel scenic hometown of the dispute, "why should the brothers out afterwards reporter Fan Tianjiao recently, Anhui city of Chizhou province Xinghuacun cultural tourism zone is like a raging fire to carry out straw Art Festival, make up all sorts of artistic image with straw, a vivid display of the local farming culture. According to the management staff of the tourist area, one of the purposes of organizing this feast is to further enhance the "Xinghuacun" brand awareness. The same in creating Xinghuacun brand, as well as Shanxi, Fenyang, Hubei and other places. Whether the "shepherd boy Yao" in Xinghuacun where? Around the slobber war has not ended, so far as the outcome". The battle for the hometown of celebrities, caused by historical interest, not only inter staged, even in "brothers" and "red face, also asked out afterwards". As for the reason to fight tirelessly, what is in order to protect the local historical and cultural resources, and bring the brand value the famous scenic spot for the immediate, so hurt "and" consumption "cost" is worth, also need to ponder. The battle for the country staged the famous scenic spot in Lujiang County, Anhui open government portal website, website bar at the head of a prominent position marked with 4 words "the hometown of Zhou Yu". But such a position, but with Anhui Province, Shucheng crash. "The word of Zhou Yu Gong Jin, Lujiang Shu people", is the "Three Kingdoms" of Zhou Yu introduction. But the word "Shu" refers to which there are two versions, one of today’s Anhui southwest of Lujiang (southwest refers to another direction), Anhui Shucheng Town Branch people. There are two reasons of "Hometown" is the Shu County due to geographical change. Lujiang believes that today’s Lujiang County Shu County, and today’s Shucheng county is not related; Shucheng believes that when the county including Shucheng. The two also took out the historical documents and cultural relics of the burden of proof, such as the Shucheng county with "Zhou Genealogy", recorded in the Eastern Han Dynasty ancestor of the former residence of Zhou Yu, recorded: "in Shucheng Ma", which is now the Shucheng County Lujiang County town branch dry; out of the 1999 edition of the "word", written with Zhou Yu as "Zhou Yu is Lujiang Shu", behind also specifically labeled "now Anhui County of Lujiang province in southwest china". Shucheng Zhou Yu zhunbing "Zhou Yu city" sites; Lujiang Zhou Yu tomb, the tomb of missy…… The two collect evidence to prove that the "hometown of Zhou Yu" surname "Lujiang" or "Shu" at the same time, also launched the trademark competition. In May 2010, Shucheng county to the State Trademark Bureau for 44 cases involving the "hometown of Zhou Yu" series of trademarks. Lujiang county raised objections, and in February 2011 the national trademark office to apply for 45 cases involving the "hometown of Zhou Yu" series trademark, trademark battle opened each other. In 2015, Anhui province government held a special coordination meeting, put forward relevant opinions on the "hometown of Zhou Yu" controversy, according to the requirements of the relevant provisions of the trademark law, Hefei, Lu’an two municipal government instructed the study of Zhou Yu culture under the jurisdiction of Lujiang county and Shucheng county will reach the "hometown of Zhou Yu" brand share agreement, to jointly apply for the registration of "the hometown of Zhou Yu" trademark, sharing the "hometown of Zhou Yu" exclusive use of a registered trademark.相关的主题文章: