The female man touched Song Dandan live close to the same acts

The female man touched Song Dandan live collection for acts OBO Sina entertainment news Sunday night, Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman 3" into the semi-finals second games, second was the final ticket candidates from Lu Xin, Yu Hao, Wang Di, Wang Dongdong, Sherlock, the same five groups of players in middle students. In this game, no Shoutu habit of Song Dandan [micro-blog], the same as apprentice beyond all expectations. E Boji [micro-blog], after becoming the second female apprentice of the Song Dandan. The female man touched Song Dandan site received only EBO preliminaries, and Frank has attracted the attention of Song Dandan o-po. The same like nature itself performances and "ugly" won the Song Dandan great praise. This week the semi-finals, once again extend the preliminary round of the OBO female man image, with hearty laughter and funny "ugly", let the audience in stitches. It is their unique performance style, touched by Song Dandan, the idea of an apprentice. Compared to the crosstalk apprenticeship attention, the sketch is more self-reliance". For an apprentice, Song Dandan began to hesitate, because Song Dandan is afraid of "delay" ebbo. But in their rematch seen after the show, Song Dandan is eager to love. At the same time, the same repeated apprentice sincerity is also impressed by Song Dandan. Song Dandan finally decided to accept same as Christians, and quite proud of this unique worship acts "welfare", "Liu Tao when my apprentice after a year red." For Wang Xing, Song Dandan quite confident. "Comic new forces" applause Lu Xinyu Ho "new" Michael Jackson preliminaries, crosstalk players competition is particularly fierce, not only because the category combination most, but because the observation in Guo Degang [micro-blog] this comic master. As a "non Deyunshe" members of the Lu Xin, Yu Hao, the final five off, killing six, with a solid foundation and understanding of the comic, from comic group talent shows itself qualify for the semi-finals. But the semi-finals more difficult, because compared to other fast-paced comedy, comic shop n, shake the burden, need a good grasp of the rhythm and the audience watching psychology. A lack of, will be eliminated. After all, the old qualifications comic actor, Lu Xin, Yu Hao, just perfect floor to withstand pressure, neither fast nor slow n, Dougen, has been hanging the audience’s appetite, so that they look forward to the next second burden. In addition, the two also used a "new" Mike Jackson jokes, let the audience clap several times. Tonight, who will get second ticket to the finals, won the arena? Please pay attention to the Sunday night 20:55, CO produced by the Oriental TV media, the The Legendary Swordsman "joy 3".相关的主题文章: