The film actor Lewis Anderson + 200 million price to sell

The film actor Lewis Anderson + 200 million price to sell the film will be Anderson and Thomas’s second collaboration with Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the director Paul · Thomas · Anderson (Paul Thomas Anderson) the unnamed new contract to finalize the issue just began in the Toronto International Film Festival, focus pictures and universal pictures were obtained for the film in North America and overseas distribution rights, but also the focus of pay a whopping $35 million! The film directed by Anderson, Daniel · Lewis (Daniel Day with · Lewis) in the second half of 2017 will be released early. This film will be the second collaboration with Lewis Anderson, in 2007 two people cooperation film "there will be blood" (There Will Be Blood), with the film won the best actor Oscar Lewis. Now Lewis is the three best actor winner, Anderson is the independent film industry. Anderson and Lewis together again very attractive, focus features spent a lot of effort, after the defeat Fuchs searchlight won the film rights issue. It is said that the focus will bear the cost of production of $35 million film, while Anderson and Lewis can be divided into rich. In January this year compared Fuchs searchlight in the "birth of a nation" (The Birth of A Nation) invested $17 million 500 thousand in 2015, the focus for "nocturnal animal" (Nocturnal Animals) $20 million, we can see that the focus of attention and expectations for the project of. This film has not announced any news, only know that Anderson will be directed, the story is set in the last century, London in 50s. (West) (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: