The first lesson of rural teachers’ orientation of normal students in Yangzhou University

The first lesson — Education — original title Yangzhou University rural teachers directed normal students: "me," when the village back to his alma mater to transfer the beginning of the heart 6 years ago decided to return to the hometown middle school, the number of our teachers are not many; today, there is a new classroom full gathered here, we meet with you 4 years later, the village school!" Recently, in the school of Mathematical Sciences, Yangzhou University lecture hall, in front of an audience of 33 of the first rural teachers in the rural middle school students orientation, taught for 5 years in this school 2010 graduates, Yihong and Jiang Xi love excitement shows between the lines. Officer Yihong was born in rural Fujian, junior high school and senior high school in the mountains of the mieling middle school have, in 2006 he was admitted to the Yangzhou University. During this period, the official Yihong met at Yangzhou University studying Jiang Xi, and become lovers. In 2010, the official Yihong graduation, in order to take care of to go to graduate school at his girlfriend, he chose to teach in Yangzhou not far from the Huaian foreign language school. Nanjing girl Jiang Xi is the only child in the family, superior family. After graduating from graduate school in 2011, she entered a street office in Nanjing. But not long after, Jiang Xi resigned: I grew up when the ideal is to be a teacher, the resignation, but also by the impact of a macro." Working in Huaian is very smooth, but also a salary, but Yihong official said: "although the outside treatment is good, but I always feel the lack of a sense of belonging." At this moment, Mei Ling high school teacher contacted him. Mei Ling school is carrying out the "flying geese students service" activities, encourage the students to return home teaching. "You are the first out of the mountain of our school students, I hope you can return to his alma mater, these" geese "." The teacher’s words genuine and sincere. My parents are farmers, it is not easy to cultivate a college student, I can stay in the big city can earn some money to honor their parents." A Yihong officer began to hesitate. Officer Yihong grew up in rural areas, also attended the mieling middle school. He knew that the school was too remote for teachers to teach. When the officer Yihong school, a teacher should take a few classes, often at night 11 in counseling students do homework. "This scene is floating in my mind. I want to go back to school for my children." The official Yihong decided to do a "goose", Mei Ling back to middle school teaching. Jiang Xi was also deeply moved by the speech Yihong officer. The two soon officially came to pass the examination, Mei Ling secondary school. Jiang Xijiao a Chinese officer, Yihong senior high school mathematics teaching. Mei Mei Ling Yongchun county middle school is located in the village of Fujian Province, 100 kilometers from the county, many of the students are left-behind children. "I remember the first time I drove to see parents, ten hours, a bumpy road to mieling middle school, see the teaching and living environment, the mother cried on the spot." Jiang Xi said. She chose to come here to teach because of love, but the reason to be able to stick to it, because I do like the children here, but also because of the sense of achievement and sense of honor. I would like to teach all the knowledge to the children here, but I did not expect, for the first time相关的主题文章: