The first observation of Chinese killer asteroids orbit or if cited deep impact – in the new network-ca1835

The first observation of Chinese killer asteroids orbit or if cited "deep impact" – the Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 10th news (reporter Zhang Wen) according to the China voice of "news" reported that the "Armageddon", "deep impact" and so many science fiction films of all small stars will hit the earth as the background narrative. Now, some of the film may be a reality. The evening of 7 this month, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Purple Mountain Observatory researchers for the first time to observe a near earth asteroid named 2009ES passing near. The No. 2 and No. 7, the other two are near Earth Asteroid roared in between the earth and the moon, in the space dimension of the universe, their distance from the earth only "hair" so fine. In recent years, the scientific community has frequently issued a warning to the potential threat of near earth asteroids. This year, astronomy researchers at Texas State University’s Dr. Rees predicted that Zhu?: a massive asteroid will be close to the earth in October 2017, and hit the surface of the earth, it will bring immeasurable loss to hit the area. Do we need to worry about the results of the study? For such a possibility is very small, but the threat of a huge collision between heaven and earth, the human defense may be it? In the Purple Mountain Observatory is located in Jiangsu Huaian Tieshan Xuyi observation Temple National Forest Park in the station control room, chief researcher of Neos group Zhao Haibin telescope sits at a computer while watching the screen, instantly, a white line across the sky background. It is 2009ES. This goal has been found for several years, but the observation data has been relatively small, when we have a little doubt that the location of the forecast will not be accurate. The scene found that this goal is really fast. Most asteroids are slow to move. The exposure time in the limited it is a star. But the goal is to run faster, so it’s a long strip." This asteroid named 2009ES Arizona Levin Mengshan survey project discovered in 2009. Not only ‘head’ larger, but also very likely ‘derailed’. This change may be more far away from the earth and may also directly into the earth. Zhao Haibin, on the same day and two month distance closer to the asteroid and we are passing, the 2016RB1 distance of the earth, in the spatial dimensions of the universe is almost equivalent to a hair. "2009ES is still a certain distance, about 18 times the distance from the earth, but there is another source that night, it is very close, in the geostationary satellite orbit." So it sounds like we just escaped in our sleep. Of course, the real situation is not so sensational. The collision between small space objects and the earth is a natural phenomenon. Every second there will be a large number of tiny particles from space into the atmosphere. The smaller the size, the smaller the possibility of an asteroid hitting the earth. Diameter of more than 10 kilometers of the asteroid about once a year, more than 1 kilometers in diameter about once a year, more than 140 meters in diameter of the past 5000 years – once in 10 thousand years, the first time in the past 500 thousand years. Such a very small probability, high risk.相关的主题文章: