The Forum on sustainable development of women’s public welfare is carried out at the headquarters of www.8008205555

The female public forum sustainable UNESCO headquarters conducted recently in the United Nations, 2016 women welfare Sustainable Development International Forum on women innovative art exhibition in France UNESCO headquarters, the event by the women’s development fund China co hosted the US China Friendship Association, with the support of unesco. During the forum, the international women’s creative art exhibition, charity auction and other forms, Chinese show women’s participation in economic and social development achievements, the spread of female Chinese charity voice to the international community, the international community to promote understanding of the economic and social development, Chinese women’s philanthropy progress, this is the third. UNESCO assistant director general Eric Falt, Chinese permanent UNESCO deputy Fang Qingzhao, the fund China Women Development Association Deputy Secretary General Zhang Jianmin, President of the US China Friendship Association Zhang Jinping Peng Zhengang, director of the Information Office of the Nanjing municipal government, as well as from domestic and foreign outstanding women entrepreneurs, "benevolence" mother representatives hundred guests attended the forum. In 1995, the Beijing declaration and the programme of action adopted at the fourth World Women’s Congress in Beijing, made clear the strategic objectives and measures of global women’s development. UNESCO assistant director general Eric Falt said in his speech, in today’s society, women in the world’s work has been to varying degrees of unfair treatment. Gender stereotypes make a lot of creative women can not play their creativity, culture is a driving force, can help women to ask the mechanism and social stereotypes of gender equality as soon as possible. The main purpose of this activity is to promote gender equality, to ensure gender equality is the cornerstone of society, to protect the diversity of cultural expression, should protect women’s rights to participate in cultural and artistic expression. In 20 years, China women’s development has made great progress, the participation of women in economic, political, social, cultural, ecological and other aspects of the increase, in the enjoyment of education, health, social security and other rights, and basically the same as men. He also suggested that the use of entrepreneurship, employment opportunities, to ensure the economic empowerment of women. UNESCO assistant director general Eric Falt said China women’s development foundation Deputy Secretary General Zhang Jianmin at the Forum on the "public power to promote gender equality and social sustainable development" of the keynote speech, she said, as the largest Chinese female public interest organizations, women’s development fund Chinese will adhere to the empowerment of women. Focus on poverty reduction, entrepreneurship, student, health, ecological protection, family care and other key areas, gathering social resources to play women’s NGOs in promoting gender equality and women’s development in the Chinese experience. The fund China Women Development Association Deputy Secretary General Zhang Jianmin keynote web executive director and founder Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke said that the development of the Internet to play an important role for the development of women, she will support Chinese women welfare projects by way of the Internet, let more entrepreneurial willingness of women to carry out various forms of business plans to use the "Internet" in order to achieve.相关的主题文章: