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The General Administration of sport issued "Youth Sports" in 13th Five-Year "plan" – Beijing Sports Administration on Issuing the "Youth Sports" in 13th Five-Year "plan" of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and Xinjiang production and construction corps sports bureau, the industry association, a sports colleges, each department, Department, bureau. The various subordinate units: now "Youth Sports" in 13th Five-Year "planning" issued to you, please implement it carefully, and then formulate the corresponding implementation plan according to the actual situation in the region, the unit, and do the work of supervision and inspection, to ensure the successful implementation of the plan. General Administration of sports (Chapter) September 5, 2016 youth sports "13th Five-Year" planning adolescent strong willed and full of vitality, is a manifestation of national vitality. Strengthen youth sports, youth sports to improve the public service system, strengthen the training of reserve talents of competitive sports, fitness for the implementation of national strategy, the implementation of the strategy, the construction of sports power, culture Chinese characteristics qualified builders and successors of the socialist cause, comprehensive well-off society, has important significance. In order to promote the development of youth sports. First, the foundation for development and opportunities (a) "12th Five-Year" period of youth sports development has made significant achievements through the implementation of youth sports "12th Five-Year" plan, initially built youth sports public service system framework, public sports service scope of young expansion, improve service level and guarantee ability, youth sports activities more active, public sports facilities in common to young people open, open the school sports venues have made positive progress in youth sports organization scale, obviously, the number of national youth sports clubs over 5000 youth outdoor sports camps, Youth Summer (winter) has become an important platform for camp, the pilot work of adolescent extracurricular sports activities Center achievements. Perfect system of competitive sports talent cultivation, project layout and structural adjustment achieved remarkable success, the youth training is restored the situation, in the steady growth of the scale of training, improve the levels of sports school running conditions, creating 500 national traditional sports school, make a positive contribution to the national high level sports reserve talent base to create work for the Olympic Games and sports the development and combination of science and training and scientific material to further promote the scientific training of teenagers. The implementation of the "guidance" on the further strengthening of cultural education for athletes and athletes security work achieved significant results, the universal realization of "two into", establish the athlete culture and education supervision system and the joint meeting system, the quality of education level athletes improve. The implementation of the plan for the construction of the contingent of young sports talents is significant, and the scale and quality of all kinds of youth sports talents are greatly improved. The youth sports policy system to further improve the system more perfect, government departments, coordination, the whole society to participate in the youth sports development pattern and speed up the formation of reform in youth sports, public service, the combination of organization construction and training competition system and other aspects of deepening. Over the past five years, youth sports have maintained a good momentum of development. However, adolescent body.相关的主题文章: