The giant couple manipulate the big case of fraud in the company accounts for nearly ten mill-sunny came home

The couple handling company account fraud case examination flow of nearly 10 million – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Yuan couples company account fraud case control section water nearly 10 million roots, the college entrance exam, school doctor, this is Pan Dong (a pseudonym) 41 years history of the side of life. The gunner, the "help examination" company boss, only a test to manipulate nearly 500 candidates cheating behind the scenes of the black hand, this is the other side of Pan Dong. In December 2014, as Hubei police received a related report, Pan Dong’s two sides of life were slowly uncovered. At the same time, we have been investigated, as well as a master’s wife who has a master’s degree, as well as other team members. In September 8, 2016, the people’s Court of Jiangling County, Jingzhou, Hubei Province, tried the second hearing of the Pan Dong Gang ‘s "help exam" fraud case. The rich couple confessed their repentance in the court. "Default" fraud case report pull Pan Dong Gang case this section is derived from the fraud case, as a student of another deadbeat help test agency report. Xiao Tang, a college student who had always wanted to be a graduate student, had paid 180 thousand yuan to a "education and training" institution and signed a "package" agreement. However, Xiao Tang did not pass the exam. The money will not come back. Xiao Tang reported that the organization adopted the use of cheating equipment out of the field to send answers, and other ways to organize exams for cheating. In December 2014, Xiao Tang came to the Public Security Department of Hubei province to report it. Hubei Province Public Security Bureau network security corps of a number of similar suspected "comb study to help test clues, found that in 2015 the national master of education and training institutions will be held in the month of may at the end of the students to help test criminal implementation of the entrance examination. A network security guidance, the Jingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment to assist, Jiangling County Public Security Bureau network security brigade task force investigation, investigation immediately. Unexpectedly, the above training institutions, after learning the report of the Tang Dynasty, quickly transferred "vanishing". The group decided to play it by ear, in the examination of other suspicious help test institutions to grasp the current. December 27, 2014, the first day of the national postgraduate entrance examination in 2015. A group of abnormal radio signals suspected to be broadcasting answers were intercepted by the project group. The police quickly locked the target, to be located in Wuhan city Hongshan District Wuhan Jingwei Huashun Enterprise Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company"), on the spot seized several sets of cheating wireless devices, and the company, the company and the examinee enrollment summary list of the agreement signed. At the time of the exam, some instruments were still sending answers. 6 employees were caught on the spot. However, the chief executive of the company, Pan Dong and Chuai Qing, is not in the company. The intercepted enrollment summary shows that only 485 of the candidates who have been suspected of cheating in the postgraduate entrance examination. The list was notified by the police to the provincial examination institute. The provincial examination institute immediately checked the examination room of the province, and many cheating examinees were seized. Pay to sign the agreement "package" "eraser" answer business publicity information display, the company registered in July 2007, the legal representative of his youth, registered business scope: enterprise management consulting, computer software development. On the Internet, the company advertised that many offices were opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing, and several training schools were opened. The police survey showed that Pan Dong, born in 1975, lived in the Qingshan District of Wuhan with his relationship with Chuai Qing family. The actual person responsible for Building Department of Pan Huashun, company management, exam cheating flow operation by the implementation of leadership, corporate finance director green hides. In March 11, 2015, two people surrendered to themselves, owing to the strong chase pressure of the public security organs. Prosecutorial public prosecution, combed the Pan Dong Gang’s "help exam" cheating process. In the study of national master entrance examination held in December 27, 2014, two people together with pan, Chuai employees danmou, Jiamou et al., released the news on the Internet and other channels, to take a gunman or the use of cheating to send the answer two form of cheating, self enrollment and enrollment by agent Lee, Xuemou, enrollment recruit a total of 485 candidates, cheating, profit from 1 million 751 thousand and 900 yuan. Before the exam, Pan Tong contacted cheats LV, Wang, Chen and so on, and the cheating operator was given to the examinees who participated in the examination. After examination, buy the postgraduate exam answers on the Internet, which will answer by sending QQ to cheat manipulator, by cheating operator sent to candidates. Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter learned that criminals use cheating was a marvelous "eraser": embedded electronic screen and buttons, can receive and display the answer. After the cheating operator online shopping, the examinee is handed over before the examination. The so-called "training" is also launched for the "eraser": how to bring into the examination room, how to avoid invigilator inspection, and even once it is discovered, how to say it, there are strict instructions. At the end of the exam, these "eraser" will be reclaimed for recycling. Signed the "package" agreement with the candidates, is to attract candidates Huashun, an important part of the. A company with a sign in the "graduate commissioned service agreement (cooperation)" shows that in November 8, 2014, the two sides agreed to a student for Huashun (high Lee) to select the appropriate candidates, to ensure students in a double certificate 2015 master of public administration candidates first test results reach the national class a line of control and the success of admission, and to assist students in a class of coordination problems (Paul admitted to Peking University MPA). The cost, a high, Lee two people 50 thousand yuan per person, before transfer to put green account; if not pass the exam, Huashun company shall refund. According to the statement, the "package" fee collected by the company will vary from 10 thousand yuan to 80 thousand yuan according to the difference between the examinee and the school. It has been attacked by the public security organs as "the temptation of money". It has always been desperate. Pun Tong was originally an excellent student, "grass roots was born", "all the way up to study". In the eyes of his wife put green, "things go". In recent years, the rise of the "academic heat" and "textual criticism" inspired the idea of Pan Dong’s entrepreneurship and training. According to the confession, at first, two people started from scratch and faced with financial difficulties. On the other hand, many of the candidates who were preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination had already embarked on their jobs. They were not familiar with the culture class, and the passing rate of examination was not high through short-term regular training, which in turn influenced the enrollment in the coming year. In the end, the couple failed to start their business. By chance, Pan Dong was invited to a friend when gunmen taking the exam. Pan Dong passed through, "easy" and made a reward. This experience, also let him see "business opportunities", start to go on the "career test" road. In an interview with CCTV, Pan Dong said that the correct rate of his answer is "eighty or ninety", which is "so easy" ("very simple" — editor’s note). He can quickly advance assignment out of the examination room, and then let the person to send the answer to the examination in the examination of the candidates. The examinees who cooperate with them can pass the exam smoothly. As Pan Dong’s reputation in the industry is getting bigger and bigger, he began to recruit students through the Internet for the whole country. He didn’t take the exam personally, but he bought the answer to other "help test" institutions through the "industry cooperation", and sent it to the examinee by the special person. Over the years, the company has developed a large number of business partners, and has formed a complete industrial chain. In the case of the case, the bank account of the company has reached nearly ten million yuan in the whole year. The small Tang report had to help test was a pan Gang, the company’s partners. From the news of the Hubei public security department, the gang was also ended in the first half of this year. In fact, this is not the first time. A pan. China youth youth online? The reporter learned that, after they had been in Liaoning Fushun, Chongqing Beibei and other places of public security organs, but were released. After being dealt with by the public security, why did they take the risk repeatedly? "Is it not the original accumulation?" In the face of the CCTV interview, Pan Dong said so. He later admitted, or luck, or the lure of money: "a test, you earn sanwushimo million yuan is OK also, yiershiwan." Huashun played in the network advertisement, citing a Western proverb: "don’t seem to have that since the road, don’t look back." Liu Changjiu, a chief police officer of the Hubei provincial public security department, has long been involved in combating the "help examination" crime. According to its data, Pan Dong is the highest educated in Hubei province’s public security organs in recent years. The people’s Procuratorate of Jiangling county has undertaken the introduction of the prosecutor. Among the 11 people of the Pan Dong group, most of them are the educational level above the University, among them, the 6 after 80, and the 1 after 90. The 11 were arrested for illegally obtaining state secrets by the prosecution, the court will choose a sentencing date. According to the relevant regulations, more than 400 examinees involved in the case will be punished by the abolition of the results and the prohibition of the examination for 1~3 years. Hubei is a major province of science and education for the public security organs. In recent years, the province’s "help test" market has become a fat meat in the eyes of a large number of lawless elements. In 2010, the Ministry of public security made it clear that the network security department hit the national "help test" crime. In November 2015, the criminal law amendment (nine) was implemented. In the national examinations prescribed by the law, the organization will cheat in examinations, sell illegally, or provide answers to test questions. In recent years, the police in Hubei have continued to crack down on the "help test" cheating, and a large number of related gangs have been ended. "Under the situation of high pressure, some of the" help examination "institutions have been severely damaged, and the fair and fair examination order can be effectively maintained." According to Liu Changjiu, according to his observation, every weekend, "whenever there is a large test, the network security hotline is not stopped." Now, the number of reports has declined to a certain extent. The long-term help test in the fight against fraud in Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau network security detachment Special Investigation Brigade chief Zhou Fangjie said that under a high pressure situation, criminals have convergence of postgraduate entrance examination and college entrance examination cheating market "inordinate ambitions.". Nowadays, various kinds of examinations are famous. Reporters learned from the public security department, for the first class construction examination, judicial examination, teacher qualification examination and other tests cheating, the public security organs are also increasing efforts to crack down. At the same time, Hubei police have further strengthened cooperation with the education authorities in the areas of evidence extraction and evidence sharing. (commissioning editor: Wu Ruo, Shuai Jun) 硕博夫妇操纵考研舞弊大案 公司账户流水近千万–江西频道–人民网 原标题:硕博夫妇操纵考研舞弊大案 公司账户流水近千万 草根出身、高考状元、名校博士,这是潘栋(化名)41年人生履历其中的一面。 枪手、“助考”公司老板、仅一场考试就操纵近500名考生作弊的幕后黑手,这是潘栋的另一面。 2014年12月,随着湖北警方接到一条相关的举报线索,潘栋的两面人生也慢慢被揭开。同时被查的,还有一起参与“助考”舞弊非法获利、拥有硕士学历的潘栋之妻揣青(化名),以及其他团队人员。 2016年9月8日,湖北省荆州市江陵县人民法院第二次开庭审理了潘栋团伙“助考”舞弊案。这对硕博夫妇当庭认罪悔罪。 “赖账”举报牵出舞弊大案 潘栋团伙的这起考研舞弊大案案发,竟是源于一名大学生对另一家赖账“助考”机构的举报。 大学生小唐一直想考硕士研究生,曾向一家“教育培训”机构交了18万元,并签订了“包过”协议。然而,小唐并没有通过考试。这笔钱也要不回来了。 小唐的举报称,这家机构采取的是利用作弊器材场外发送答案等方式,组织考研作弊。2014年12月,小唐来到湖北省公安厅对此进行了举报。 湖北省公安厅网安总队对多条类似的疑似“助考”线索进行梳理研判,结果发现有教育培训机构将在当月月底举办的2015年全国硕士研究生招生考试中实施“助考”犯罪。 一支由省公安厅网安总队指导、荆州市公安局网安支队协助、江陵县公安局网安大队侦办的专案组,迅即展开调查。 不料,上述培训机构在得知小唐报案后,迅速转移“消失”了。专案组决定见机行事,在考试中对其他可疑“助考”机构抓现行。 2014年12月27日,2015年全国研究生招生考试第一天。一组疑似正在播报答案的异常无线电信号,被专案组截获。 民警迅速锁定目标,来到位于武汉市洪山区的武汉华顺经纬企业咨询有限公司(以下简称“华顺公司”),当场截获多套作弊无线设备,以及公司招生汇总名单、公司与考生签订的协议等。当时正值考试期间,某些仪器还在发送答案。 6名员工当即被抓获。但是,公司主要负责人潘栋、揣青却不在公司。 截获的招生总汇表显示,仅该场硕士研究生招生考试,涉嫌参与作弊的考生就达485人。名单被警方当场通报给了省考试院。省考试院立即对全省考场进行清查,多名作弊考生被查获。 交钱签协议“包过” “橡皮擦”收答案 工商公示信息显示,华顺公司注册于2007年7月,法定代表人揣青,注册经营范围为:企业管理咨询、计算机软件开发。在互联网上,该公司打出的广告称,在北京、上海、杭州、南京等多地开设办事机构,并开办数所培训学校。 警方的调查显示,1975年出生的潘栋,与揣青系夫妻关系,家住武汉市青山区。潘栋系华顺公司实际负责人,公司经营、考场作弊流程操作等都由其领导实施,揣青主管公司财务。2015年3月11日,迫于公安机关强大的追捕压力,二人投案自首。 检察机关的公诉,梳理了潘栋团伙的“助考”作弊流程。 在2014年12月27日举行的全国硕士研究生招生考试中,潘、揣二人伙同公司员工石某、贾某等人,在网上和其他渠道发布消息,采取枪手替考或使用作弊器发送答案两种作弊形式,自行招生和通过招生代理李某、薛某、义某招生,共招收作弊考生485名,从中获利175.19万元。 考试前,潘栋联系作弊操作手吕某、王某、陈某等,由作弊操作手给参加考试的考生发放作弊器。开考后,在网上购买研究生考试答案,由其将答案经QQ群发送给作弊操作手,再由作弊操作手发送给考生。 中国青年报?中青在线记者了解到,不法分子使用的作弊器竟是一块暗藏玄机的“橡皮擦”:嵌有电子屏幕与按钮,可接收、显示考试答案。由作弊操作手网购后,考前交给考生。 而所谓的“培训”,也是针对“橡皮擦”展开:如何带进考场,如何规避监考老师检查,甚至一旦被发现后如何说辞,都有一套严格的指令。考试结束,这些“橡皮擦”还要回收,以便循环使用。 与考生签订“包过”协议,是华顺公司吸引考生的重要一环。 一份华顺公司与于某签订的《研究生委托服务协议(合作)》显示,2014年11月8日,双方约定,华顺公司为于某学员(高某、李某)筛选合适备考人员,确保于某学员2015年双证公共管理硕士考生初试成绩达到国家A类控制线并被成功录取,并协助于某学员协调上课问题(保录取到北京××大学MPA)。 费用方面,高某、李某两人每人5万元,在考前汇款至揣青账户;如未通过考试,华顺公司将予以退款。 根据供述,公司收取的“包过”费用,根据考生报考学校、专业的不同,从1万元至8万元不等。 曾被公安机关打击 为“钱的诱惑”不惜屡屡铤而走险 潘栋原本是优等生,“草根出身”,“一路读书考上来的”,从小学习成绩优异,曾是区高考状元,拥有博士学历。在妻子揣青眼中,他“做事有冲劲”。 近年社会兴起的“学历热”“考证热”,激发了潘栋创业做教育培训的想法。根据供述,起初,二人白手起家,面临资金困难,另一方面,招收的准备考研的考生许多已走上工作岗位,对文化课生疏,通过短期正规培训,考试通过率并不高,继而又影响了来年招生。最终,夫妇俩创业失败。 一次偶然的机会,潘栋被朋友邀请当“枪手”替人考试。潘栋一次性通过了,“轻松”赚了一笔报酬。 这次经历,也让他看到了“商机”,开始走上“职业替考”道路。 在一次接受央视的采访中,面对镜头,潘栋说,自己答题正确率“百分之八九十”,那些题对他来说“so easy”(“很简单”的意思――编者注)。他可以很快提前交卷出考场,然后让专人将答案发送给考场内还在考试的考生。与之合作的考生,也就能顺利通过考试。 随着潘栋的公司在“业内”名气越来越大,他开始通过网络面向全国招生,自己也不再亲自替考,而是通过“业内合作”,向其他“助考”机构购买答案,由专人发送给考生。 多年来,该公司发展了众多业务伙伴,上下已形成完整产业链。案发时,公司银行账户全年资金流水已达近千万元。 上述小唐举报的赖账“助考”团伙,曾是潘栋公司的合作伙伴。来自湖北省公安厅的消息,该团伙也于今年上半年被端。 事实上,这已不是潘栋第一次犯案。中国青年报?中青在线记者了解到,此前,他们曾被辽宁抚顺、重庆北碚等地公安机关处理,但均被取保。 被公安处理后,他们缘何屡屡铤而走险呢?“不是原始积累没完成吗?”在面对央视采访时,潘栋如此回答。他随后承认,还是存在侥幸心理,还是钱的诱惑:“一场考试,你说赚三五十万元也行,一二十万元也行。” 华顺公司在网络上打出的广告中,引用的一句西谚似乎别有意味:“既然上路,不要回头。” 湖北省公安厅网安总队一级警长刘长久长期参与打击“助考”犯罪。据其掌握的数据,潘栋是近年湖北省公安机关打击的非法“助考”者中学历最高的,“核心人员学历高,涉案考生多,是该团伙的特点”。 江陵县人民检察院承办检察官介绍,潘栋团伙11人中,大多系大学以上文化程度,其中,80后6人,90后1人。11人均因涉嫌非法获取国家秘密被公诉,法院将择日宣判。 根据相关规定,涉案的400多名考生,将受到取消成绩、禁考1~3年的行政处罚。 针对“助考”公安机关将持续加大打击力度 湖北是科教大省。巨大的利益诱惑之下,近年,该省“助考”市场成为大量不法分子眼中的肥肉。 2010年,公安部明确,由网安部门对全国“助考”犯罪行为重拳打击。2015年11月,刑法修正案(九)施行,在法律规定的国家考试中,将组织考试作弊,非法出售或提供试题答案,替考行为纳入刑法处罚范畴。 近年来,湖北警方持续有力打击“助考”作弊行为,大量相关团伙被端。“高压态势下,一些‘助考’不法机构受到重创,公平公正的考试秩序得以有效维护。”刘长久说, 据其观察,以前,每到周末,“但凡有大型考试,网安举报热线不停。现在,举报量已有一定程度的下降”。 长期参与打击“助考”舞弊行为的荆州市公安局网安支队特侦大队教导员周方杰表示,高压态势下,不法分子对研究生招生考试、高考作弊市场的“非分之想”有所收敛。 现今,各类考试名目繁多。记者从公安部门了解到,针对一级建造师考试、司法考试、教师资格证考试等其他考试的作弊行为,公安机关也在加大打击力度。同时,湖北警方已与教育主管部门在证据提取、证据共享等方面进一步加强配合,合力打击“助考”舞弊行为。 (责编:吴若、帅筠)相关的主题文章: