The girl was raped her husband derailed niece… This story is amazing winavi video converter

The girl was raped her husband derailed niece… This story is the idea that sister (micro signal: entifengvip) brush when micro-blog two days ago, saw a shattered three social news later found that this is actually Shanghai famous "Laoniangjiu" people’s livelihood programs in the new period, tells the story of a 17 year old little girl suffered repeatedly raped, gave birth to three children, her mother and grandmother did not alarm, also allows a rapist to continue violence at home, to think about TV only three "illegitimate son" on account of the bizarre story…… this thing extremely complex idea, the victim is only 17 years old, because this is not reliable mother and grandmother, her life will be hard to imagine. My little sister (micro signal: entifengvip) today will not go into this program, interested can take a look, especially recommended to all parents. Speaking of "Laoniangjiu" of this program, we have to mention a aunt, she is known throughout the Shanghai to resolve family disputes, such a heinous criminal case can trivialize "solve", feel the police uncle can be laid off and often see Baia ~ aunt for parties, mourning their misfortune nuqibuzheng disputes you can fill out the brain, a martial arts drama by our lady of the! But aunt Bai is not alone, because the light is the subject of the people’s livelihood adjustment programs, has been to occupy half of the country’s "emotional programs" status in middle-aged women circle spread! Because the estimation program is too good, each stage has the necessary manpower, each province people can find their own exclusive channel "innocence"…… this kind of programs on the fire? Well… If you have a mom who watches the family mediation program at half past six every day, you know… Although the beginning heart is irresistible, but had to admit, after watching the family mediation program with my mother, my sister (micro signal: entifengvip) think entertainment divorce derailed are not a thing, even see the destroyed three concept are not challenging! Although, these programs are not the same as the mediator is not the same as the host and the guests do not like. However, the bizarre twists and turns of the family drama and wonderful "mouth" rejuvenation of the mediation effect, it is exactly the same! The explosion point of each programme are sufficient to support a "home" sequel to the temptation… Compared to the silly white sweet domestic drama, there are many things. In this program, the first half of his life even if you are a romantic loafer but everywhere, as long as 30 minutes to stage lighting test in mediators of all sorts of gossip, you can discard 30 years of belief in life, instantly become a good man caring, me or her. In this program, even if you have to disregard their loved ones, of course, took away the sister’s husband, when more than and 10 years of small three, but also a face of repentance. But at this stage, just sit and chat, after the host has been loud scream, you can immediately find the lost years of values, apologize to your sister kotow. This kind of guest, marriage xiaowoen reason is different, but in the cold degree!相关的主题文章: