The glass door broken by residents injured company hotel property to bear responsibility for 30% new-8l9840

The glass door broken by residents injured company hotel property accountability 30% Beijing – Chongqing evening news in Yuzhong District, a man in the hotel, the hotel through the building where the glass door too fast to hurt the door broken hands, the responsibility should be how to share? Recently, Yuzhong district court verdict, found not obligation management building property companies bear 30% of the responsibility, judgment of compensation for the injured Mr. Du 6149 yuan. Ordinarily, the glass door suddenly broken is the responsibility of managers, why the guest itself should bear 70% of the responsibility? The court said that the guests themselves through the glass door when the speed is too fast, did not do to a duty of care, so its own responsibility 70%. In May 13, 2015, foreign guests, Mr. Du admitted to a hotel located in Yuzhong district. On 18 May 23 PM, Mr. Du in the entrance for speed, hit the glass door, glass door broken resulting in Mr. Du right hand injury. After forensic identification, Mr. Du right hand trauma, does not constitute a disability. Mr. Du sued to court for property companies and hotels to compensation for medical expenses, lost fees, nursing fees for the loss of a total of 3.6 yuan. The court held that, in this case, the location of the accident for the property company to provide property services area, which has a management obligation to the region. There is no door handle, door signs, warning signs, etc. in the area of its management, there are certain security risks, should bear the corresponding responsibility. Du failed to mention the presence of the hotel and the hotel is not involved in the area of the hotel management area, so the hotel does not assume responsibility in this case. The court held that Mr. Du as a full civil capacity, through the glass door too quickly, and it has been the Check Inn Hotel many days, more clearly to be the location of the door and so on, and in a few minutes before the incident, there are other people through the normal accident glass door. In summary, the court discretion to determine their own Mr. bear 70% of the responsibility, 30% of property companies bear responsibility for losses. Chongqing evening news reporter Tang Zhongming correspondent Qu Dongmei相关的主题文章: