The hotel kitchen fire to end fire pan but diners go down 30% – Beijing skin burns boee

The hotel kitchen fire to end fire pan but diners go down 30% – skin burn Beijing lying in the Central Hospital of Jinhua Cheng Xu package. While eating out, the hotel kitchen was on fire. What would you do? The 25 year old man from Dongyang rushed to put out the fire and saw the kitchen has a gas tank, a fire pan end he ventured to go outside, the body burns 27% of the area results. Now, he has been lying in bed for 21 days. The pan kitchen suddenly caught fire he ends up and walked out of Bao Chengxu is Dongyang City Garden Jin Bo Ltd. workers. The afternoon of October 24th, he and his colleagues Du Delong and others eat in taste Xuan Sichuan Museum South Town prosperous road Dongyang City, No. 22, found the kitchen suddenly flashed, the pan out of the fire. When the kitchen is cooking oil, the fire is the half pot of vegetable oil. At that time, Yang Youping, the owner of the restaurant, went to the door to pick up a phone. Yang Youping hurried back some huangshen. Bao Chengxu let him to take the pot cover, whether or not the pot pot can extinguish the fire. See the fire intensity, Cheng Xu package called the boss got quilts, soaked up cover. When the boss went upstairs to find a quilt, Bao Chengxu took the fire extinguisher from the car into the fire, but because of the small capacity of the extinguisher is not completely extinguished, the kitchen hood and other places are also up soon. Bao Chengxu put a wet towel on his hand, rushed in to pick up the burning pot and wanted to get the pot to the empty place. Unexpectedly, he slipped out and fell to the ground, hot oil burns on his body. 25 year old boy in Dongyang has had two operations, do not regret the fire yesterday, the evening news reporter went to the Central Hospital of Jinhua city. Lying on the bed of Bao Chengxu, the right side of the face of a thick black scab, like a layer of mud paste. Your feet back, right knee and right after skin grafting, wrapped in thick white gauze. His whole body was burned in 27% areas, including a total of nearly 6% degree burns in the area of about 3. Has spent nearly 70 thousand yuan treatment fee. Speaking of the thrilling fire, bag Cheng Xu does not regret: "the kitchen has a gas bottle, if not timely fire, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." These days, to visit his people did not break, three years of graduation, my university teacher also came a few days ago to see me." Doctor, Department of burns Bao Chengxu Jinhua Central Hospital, doctor Ma Jizhong said, Asahi package process two surgeries, skin grafts had just done, but also at least half a month in hospital. 51 year old colleague has been hospitalized for 21 days, when it was too late to hesitate to fall after Bao Chengxu, colleagues in good time to catch up with Du Delong. "At that time, I had no time to hesitate, holding Bao Chengxu to go out." Du Delong said, when the fire spread quickly in the kitchen, Bao Chengxu body is also a fire. Bao Chengxu was tall, he exerted all his strength to keep him out of the flames ". He picked up the package of Xu Xu, the top of the knee in Bao Chengxu body, so knees, feet were burned. In the evening, Du Delong and Dongyang were sent to the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine hospital burn treatment, so far, Du Delong has been hospitalized for 21 days. Medical photography相关的主题文章: