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"The last one" visa debut in Beijing TV Festival – Sohu entertainment Wang Lei "the last visa" decoration Pu Jeju Sohu entertainment news high-profile TV drama "the theme of World War II, finally a visa" yesterday morning unveiled the 2016 Beijing TV Festival, Wang Lei, Zhang Jingjing two main performance seats will meet the media. Known as the "80 strength on" the young Yan Yuanwanglei featuring actor, as the visa officer Pu Jeju, led by the ZOJE cultural exchanges in the history of the largest film and television drama. Media meet on the same day, the Chinese version of Schindler, Wang Lei also shared with the media and the Chinese and foreign public strength to send the happy cooperation of actors, as well as the whole process of shooting during the memorable bit. "The last one" visa to Austria during World War II was annexed by Germany as the background, tells the story of China consulate in Vienna to Wang Lei’s state led Puji diplomats, under pressure and risk, the visa for the story of Jewish refugees. In recent years, with the "golden wolf happy life" "" "in the" iron flag burning "ordinary world" and other representative works hit, Wang Lei’s performance strength has been more attention, the outstanding performance of several big production, good reputation in the film and television works, he was also a more sure and praise, a symbol of "80 bear strength". In the "visa", Wang Lei led the theme of World War II, transnational masterwork, the son of an interpretation of diplomatic family hot blooded youth, but also both Chinese legation in Austria as "the visa officer" identity. In the previous works on the military image shows Wang Lei, for the first time in zhengyilinran diplomats role debut on the screen, let it try a new challenge, the identity of the important role and historical significance, the actor with changeable has also become a test of the depth of the Wang Lei show good opportunity, this drama is also friends they called Wang Lei following the "small brother" will create a classic role play out of expectation! The meeting on the same day, Wang Lei dressed in a black shirt and slacks appearance, a black shape many handsome hideo. Lively fashion big boy in this life to recall this book full of sense of history drama also mixed feelings: Gao Mantang’s script is solid, heavy, very honored to participate in this war in return to work, and on the other hand for me is not a small challenge, the role with the sense of mission and true to the historical background of the environment, let oneself to a careful analysis on the character of the interpretation to be exceptionally careful, moderation, and appropriateness. Talk about the play style, Wang Lei said, with the previous war drama is not the same as in the "visa" in his not touched a gun, but can feel personally on the scene whenever and wherever possible, depression, tension, is a typical "no war". With the cooperation of foreign actors, also after a short time of running, a tacit understanding, so for the whole of their participation in the film is a nutrient absorption, benefit. Through on-site exposure of the trailers can be seen, this is the history of cultural exchanges on the largest ZOJE collocation TV is really in the best actor and the internationalization of the production team, presents a wonderful visual feast of the screen. This Wang Lei admitted that the team’s full cooperation and internationalization.相关的主题文章: