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"The last warrior" hit by fire director Tan Qiao: writing Legend – Sohu Tan Qiao entertainment "the last warrior" directed by Tan Qiao in "the last warrior" live entertainment Sohu directed by renowned director Tan Qiao of the 44 sets of blood war drama "the last warrior", since November 4th has been landing Beijing television channel capital theater hit. The play by screenwriter Wu Guoen, young actor Lu Fangsheng, Shi Anni, Yi Kun, starring Dong Qing, Zhang Zhijian, Ning Xiaozhi and Ren Zhengbin joined the drama of bone strength. Director Tan Qiao to Xiangxi leather Tun Anti Japanese uprising as the background, with a unique perspective on the story of the people of Xiangxi protect our homes and defend our country. "The last warrior" more than a century at the beginning of the 40s, the Anti Japanese uprising I Miao Tun as the background, a true representation of Xiangxi Miao people against the tyranny of the rebellion, Tuen rent, a heavy blow to the Kuomintang reactionary rule, forcing the authorities to repeal the oppression of Xiangxi Miao people for more than 160 years of the village rent system. Miao tun the great victory of the Anti Japanese Army Leather leather Tun after tens of thousands of children to accept adaptation, to the Anti Japanese War, with indomitable national spirit, to write a song for the country of personal hatred, one after another, the country’s heroic chapter. Therefore, there is not only Guqiu countries hate, more capable of evoking praises and tears is a kind of national feelings, I grew up to my sublimation. Speaking of Tan Qiao, he served as the "Charlie’s Angels" "daredevil" "the banquet", "Tai Chi Master" "new" Jiangshan beauty and many classic works of martial arts, now shooting the drama director, he was said to have been cross play. By shooting "battlefield" roar, "Anti Japanese man", "hero", Liu Dongjiang black youth "," fire and a series of column dramas for having heard it many times, Tan Qiao has been recognized as the "feelings of warm blooded director". For the two kinds of rhetoric, Tan Qiao said, thank you for these words of praise. Dare not say cross-border, because it has been in the field of film and television art. As there are feelings of blood, it may happen that we remember more of these works. As a special history of China, I believe that every Chinese people will always remember.相关的主题文章: