The lawyers cheated buy fake lawyers refused to implement the decision of detained (video) aizi

The lawyers cheated buy fake lawyers refused to implement the decision of detained Mr Huang could not understand how, he hired a lawyer to purchase the lawsuit, lost the lawsuit and lose money, turn to "lawyer" play a lawsuit claims, won lawsuit and get the money, what the hell is this? Lawyer to buy a house in case of dispute in December 2010, Mr. Huang saw a set of three bedroom house is located in the Minhang District River town, and know the room is a wish of the relocation and resettlement housing. At this time, Mr. Huang from the network to find claims to be able to provide professional legal services, "Wang lawyer", for insurance purposes, Mr. Huang has entrusted Wang agent to purchase the houses matters, and pay agency fees 4000 yuan wang. After accepting authorization, Wang learned that a wish of the ex-wife and daughter of the house be placed, a wish to buy the houses there may be risks, but he still encouraged Mr. Huang and his wife with the wish of a purchase contract signed by Mr. Huang, I wish a payment of 700 thousand yuan to buy a house. In April 2011, Mr. Huang and Wang again signed a "principal-agent contract", the contract agreed: by Wang agent Mr. Huang involved the sale of housing disputes, and implement the risk agency; if Mr. Huang lost, Wang not only do not charge agency fees, will bear 50% of the liability risk. After signing the contract, Mr. Huang Wang advance handling costs 4000 yuan fee. July 2011, Minhang District court accepted the wishes of a ex-wife and daughter sued Mr. Huang and his wife housing sales contract dispute case, in the same year in December ruled that the sale of the housing contract is invalid, by a wish to return 700 thousand yuan purchase. When Mr. Huang to the court for enforcement of the 1629, but did not get a penny of the money, 6 months later, the case of termination of execution. In this way, it is the turn of Mr. Huang to Jingan District court Wang, the risk responsibility held liable for Mr. Huang failed to execute in place of property 50%, that is 350 thousand yuan. February 2015, Jingan District court verdict on the case, paid by Mr. Wang 350 thousand yuan. After the verdict came into force, Mr. Huang then apply to the court for enforcement. The implementation of the investigation of false lawyer was investigated in September 2015, Jingan District court accepted the application of Mr. huang. The implementation of the judge to judge Wang sang has repeatedly issued a notice of enforcement, and send text messages to Wang Shanghai court by 12368 SMS platform, be sure to inform its May 10, 2016 to fulfill payment obligations to the hospital and asked to accept no reply. Sang judge through the court system network of Wang’s property status query, still nothing. Is the king lawyer really no property available for execution? In August 17th this year, the judge ordered Wang sang included in the list of dishonest debtor and the decision in writing to the Wang residence. At the same time, continue to call it to the hospital to ask questions via sms. August 25th at noon, Wang came to the court, to judge the mulberry to avoid the execution behavior emerge in its totality. Originally, in order to escape execution, Wang for less than 4 years old son opened a bank account, their income of nearly 300 thousand yuan of money deposited in the account of his son. After verification, the Lawyer Wang fake mask was finally opened. Wang has never been a legal professional learning and training system, has never been相关的主题文章: