The legendary Malone white Formica campus Belle girlfriend, unexpectedly resigned perform derivative actv

The legendary Malone white Formica campus Belle girlfriend, actually do have recently traced cosmetic micro Zhuo Wei provoked a little trouble, because he photographed the Malone affair, and table tennis fans club not to criticize. Many younger sister scolded Zhuo Wei to violations of privacy, while clutching his lovelorn heal hurt…… Little sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) is 33 minutes after the courage to look the eye of quasi longsao what? In the paparazzi lens, one day Malone appeared in the street, looking down at the mobile phone, fingers sliding, suspected in contact with people. Then Malone and a girl on a sports car to an office building. Malone is wearing shorts and short sleeved, a casual, but the girl petite, wearing a black skirt, a green sweater, carrying a pink bag, youthful. While wearing a hat, but can still see her face is delicate, very pure, and Malone go together very well. Two people went to the office door stop, the girl put water and handed it to Malone, Malone took the natural interaction, very understanding. Then Malone family appeared, accompanied by his family to chat with Malone, after several people entered the office to apply for a visa, perhaps to travel abroad together. Work out, Malone and his family and his girlfriend went into a restaurant to eat. According to media said, this girl named Xia Lu, at the beginning of 2015 and Malone relationship is now working at a bank in Nanjing, the photo look beautiful. The face of collagen than many red net worth. She is said to be graduated from Hohai University law school, was also transferred to a school. Although many of her social accounts have been canceled, but it was found in the dew ins trumpet. She has a trumpet looks beautiful, is the daily travel, delicacy, social. It seems to be in line with her "Bank senior daughter" rumors. The net transfer of Malone and his girlfriend two people also went to Jiuzhaigou, Malone also to Jiuzhai photos Xia Lu, and Xia Lubao on Malone’s hat. But the little sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) soon found a doubt, in the summer of 2014, a state, the background and the same as Malone, is it that they two together? Little sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) this melon to eat half, decided to look for more clues to the two people, and found that this summer dew is not simple…… In fact, as early as a few years ago, Malone fans had found them together traces, because Summer Dew too high-profile style, by the netizen posted at the end of the world, from the end of the overall identity. Some friends broke the news that she was admitted to College Aerobics, nor is it the daughter of a senior bank, had sold second-hand goods in WeChat. There are friends broke the news that she sold second-hand swimwear. Do not give money to buy things in Taobao. Malone was just joined her in the Bank of the table tennis team, the two met. Netizens also open the Summer Dew before the photos, face and now there are some differences. After this thing, the Summer Dew on the cancellation of the previous social account, fans worried about Malone brother who do not know. In fact, Malone together with her time is not short, since it can get along well, presumably, lengnuanzizhi people such as drinking water, we eat melon masses.相关的主题文章: