The life of husband and wife have not coincidence, these methods help you easily handle! aizi

The life of husband and wife have not coincidence, these methods help you easily handle! In many cases, both husband and wife are sex, some things will happen unfortunately, sometimes let both sides a bit awkward, with couples having sex at the same time, can not relax, but sometimes these things will bring harm to the body. Here’s how to deal with the sexual life of husband and wife have not a coincidence. The first: foot cramps foot cramps are mostly because the feet are accustomed to their own position, and the moment will be placed in a position that is not commonly used, the time is not suitable for a long time. In this case, just the toes up, and muscle contraction in the opposite direction, you can ease the. You can go on and pull your hands off your toes. Nutrition experts recommend, if often cramp, there is suspicion of calcium deficiency. Go to the hospital to check your blood calcium level is normal, the usual daily calcium tablets on the body is good. Second: stuck every year about ten thousand bedroom pain from the pants zipper. When you unlock his zipper, do not rush, caught it is not fun. Not only it is difficult to unravel, but the pain is really a bit more piercing, not to say embarrassing. Dry cleaning clothes zipper most easily stuck. If caught, the harder the more bad, smear some candles or olive oil on the zipper, can play a role in lubrication, help you release. Third: meet when the passion is not careful when two crashes are the most common things, especially the face posture. To this end, we specially consulted with the relevant pain professionals, is not a lover, but basketball coach. His secret recipe is to wrap a towel around the ice for about 20 minutes, so as to promote vasoconstriction and reduce serum leakage, which is beneficial for hemostasis. Conditional to eat a piece of paracetamol, and then you can continue. Click to join the Guangdong health official group (187945286) more exciting, more benefits, and sent you oh ~ fourth: earrings will hurt or pricked ears, but the most terrible is tearing ears and earrings, ear bleeding. At this time should be hastened to use a group of sanitary napkins or a soft cloth press press bleeding, usually one or two minutes will be good. If still bleeding, go to the hospital, but had to wear good clothes. Fifth: oppression holding too tightly to the head and neck especially caused by oppression, head and neck is stenosis of carotid artery and trachea through the oppression if passion is likely too tight, shortness of breath, so no matter who is not in the body pressure to the other side of head and neck. Department of Neurology experts pointed out that the most serious damage called sexual intercourse syncope bedroom. If who have shortness of breath, double face red, short time become unconscious, don’t panic, the lift in a well ventilated place, let the deep breathing or mouth to mouth breathing, can wake up for a while. Sixth: many self-defense will knee as a effective attack weapon knee injury, but it is also the most vulnerable area. Kneeling on the hard floor, a long time will not help support the knee, because you were very involved, mostly ignored the pain, but if every time, knee cold severity, medicine called "old leg" after is infinite. In addition, the mat will make the knee bone rub uncomfortable. After the end of the knee into a tire, a deep together, serious ~!相关的主题文章: