The man was connected to the kidney and kidney stones more than and 10 years have not broken clean –

The man is a double kidney calculi in horseshoe kidney more than and 10 years have not broken clean – Sohu news work in Chengdu, Wang Qiang long a pair of U shaped "horseshoe kidney" more than and 10 years ago, working in Chengdu, the Wang Qiang sudden stomach pain, around the doctor said is gastritis, Chinese medicine and Western medicine to eat a lot of chance to check only to find their kidneys grow even like no other, arranged into a U shape, commonly known as the horseshoe kidney. It is precisely because of the horseshoe shaped kidney U, Wang Qiang’s kidney is extremely easy to accumulate fluid, forming stones. In more than and 10 years, experienced a stone, ultrasonic lithotripsy repeated surgery, kidney stones still stubbornly, recurrent, "as the shadow follows the form" Wang Qiang also unbearable pain. Eat two stomach medicine found in horseshoe kidney more than and 10 years ago, Wang Qiang suddenly feel the waist pain, engaged in physical labor, suspected of being a heavy cold". In the vicinity of the clinic, the doctor gave Wang Qiang a shot for "cold" medicine, low back pain symptoms a few days, but not for a long time and felt stomach pain. Wang Qiang for a lot of hospitals, clinics, doctors are prescribing according to abdominal pain, stomach treatment. "Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to eat a lot, do not work." Wang Qiang said. Until the hematuria, a doctor suspected of renal calculi, X-ray examination, it found that Wang Qiang’s kidney looks different with normal: normal kidney is the right side of a bottom, and Wang Qiang’s kidney connected into U shape, namely "horseshoe kidney". The abdominal pain, it is because Wang Qiang left Shenchang stone a diameter has reached 2.5 cm. Wang Qiang understood that, it is because of the special position of kidney structure torsion, originally should behave as lumbago, kidney stones, "transfer" to the abdominal pain, only in vain to eat more than 2 years of stomach medicine. Since 10 years of horseshoe kidney busy broken stones first kidney stones, because the diameter is too large, and the high cost of ESWL, Wang Qiang back to the county hospital to do the surgery stone surgery. "(stone) has a thumb so big." Unexpectedly, a year later, the stone has committed. "The pain is getting numb. At that time, the body is good, so that the doctor is not broken every day." Wang Qiang said that every time a broken more than and 10 days, the stone was broken, it does not hurt. But the most commonly used extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for kidney stones is not a good way for Wang Qiang, who has a congenital kidney structure. Because of the abnormal structure of the kidney, internal channels or torsion, or narrow, stone debris is difficult to smooth discharge, but also easy to cause urinary obstruction. Since then, Wang Qiang began with kidney stones "tug of war". "If you have a bigger one, it will be broken into three or four pieces." Wang Qiang said, every two or three years, the stone has grown up, and went to rubble. In order to successfully row stone, according to doctor’s advice, Wang Qiang every day to stand on the ground for a few minutes. "Drilling stone" 4 stones were taken out in October 25th, Wang Qiang once again because of stones admitted to the Sichuan stone hospital, this time, he grew up to the stone of the 4. Because of an open stone surgery, the formation of scar, not suitable for reoperation. The more advanced fiber lithotripsy, in the complex structure of the horseshoe kidney to find the gravel and the difficulty is also large. rhyme相关的主题文章: