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"The Mekong" rave reviews   Zhang Hanyu " pure " so tempered! Heilongjiang Channel – original title: "the Mekong" rave reviews Zhang Hanyu " pure " so tempered! October 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Yan) supervised by Huang Jianxin, Liang Fengying, Zhang Hanyu, directed by Dante Lam, Eddie Peng, Chen Baoguo, Sun Chun, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong starred in the blockbuster "police action" the Mekong River action since September 30th since the release, the agency will get praise from all walks of life, released 12 days to break the 700 million high Chinese box office gangster movie records. He is in the eyes of Xu Jinglei Feng Xiaogang’s heart is a modest, self-disciplined gentleman, iron man, Zhang Hanyu in 2016 with the movie "the Mekong" Action Center careful thought Narcs. Once again win a favorable image. Debuted in 2000, from the "assembly" to "wind", from the "tiger" in Yang Zirong, to the "old gun" in the "stuffy three", all the tough guy, let it become the first Chinese Grand Slam winner actor, 16 year more than and 20 roles, in his own words, "no more, just good!" Today, together with the small series of these into his classic role, opened the "pure" behind every moment. "The Mekong River in 2016:" action role: anti narcotics police high rigid characters: blood, strong action. Every index: * assumes the case happened 5 years ago, I followed her teeth, anxious to exterminate all drug traffickers. I did not expect this desire in 5 years after the film reached. – Zhang Hanyu: behind almost "dead" in the studio in the movie Zhang Hanyu and the special narcotics captain Eddie Peng an intelligence officer in the Ming, one in the dark. As one of the most important responsibility of captain Zhang Hanyu, who played in a corner when the anti narcotics police, without any martial arts skills he needs, every day in the gym, gun fighting, sometimes even early in the morning. In order to close to the role itself, Zhang Hanyu body equipment is entirely in accordance with the actual equipment equipped with the production, wearing at least 60 pounds". These wearable equipment led the team to heaven and earth in the tropical rainforest 40 degrees high temperatures, with the back by dogs Kuangzhui 100 kilometers nonstop, to create a film more realistic visual effects, the film is really all guns, bombs. Video conference, Zhang Hanyu said with a smile for the movie they came close to life to catch. (Li Zhongshuang, commissioning editor Ding Yang) original title: "the Mekong" rave reviews Zhang Hanyu " pure " so tempered! The other side of the tough guy: a lot of people know that Zhang Hanyu’s acting debut late, in 2000 began to play soy sauce in the movie. In fact, as a voice actor, he had successfully starred in more than 2 thousand dubbing works, so that it has long been known in the dubbing ring. From "the godfather" to "the silence of the lamb", from "The Dawns Here are quiet" to "hunt", even early in the cartoon "Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck" in Donald also was)相关的主题文章: