The Mid Autumn Festival bar live under the beauty of goddess fancy grassroots Street Liao Han –

The Mid Autumn Festival bar live under the beauty of "goddess" fancy "grassroots Street Liao Han – Sohu entertainment Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of a great live collaboration platform, to send a number of anchors, go to the distribution of little brother side, heaven" Chang’e "Avatar" I encourage normal distribution". More beautiful north anchor live taste in 2016 the most hardcore dark moon cake, pick out the front of the most wonderful taste of moon cake sent to the office on the class family. Best live downtown mid heaven Street "Chang Liao Han" the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, all Raiders leave when are crazy on the network, the best live beautiful anchor who has already started preparing for their own journey of "heaven". In September 13th, best live popular beauty Dorids will appear in a random distribution of brother’s side, for the upcoming of delivery moon cakes and drinks, the delivery staff help. Doris will also follow the departure of the distribution staff into the grassroots, flash between major office buildings, perhaps some time in September 13th, Doris will suddenly airborne in front of you. The beauty of the North heavy export route around the world to "dark moon cake as the 90 girls" bud _Rosely "in live bar has nearly 20 thousand fans, born with a porcelain doll like face, tall, cheerful and weird, always in their best broadcast between playing all kinds of fancy this is the secret to live, she can attract a large number of loyal fans. The bud is a typical can obviously rely on the value of the Yan, but it depends on the talent of the female anchor. Mid Autumn Festival approaching, she began to plan their own energy in the Mid Autumn Festival to bring to the audience what is not the same live. "After seeing the crayfish filling cakes’ turned out ‘, I think, I want to be the first to eat crayfish moon cake stuffing anchor." Buds began to collect leek, pickled tofu, crayfish and other all kinds of wonderful moon cake stuffing, but a lot of wonderful stuffing is still very difficult to collect. I think of the network through collecting cakes, and will be in September 12th before the Mid Autumn Festival, the best live audience to help try this "dark moon", to do a live bud mouth raise face a mischievous grin, "I feel very strange very fun, I ate without poisoning, and that we you can rest assured to eat during the Mid Autumn Festival!"相关的主题文章: