The Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourism market is booming in Guigang City havd707

The Mid Autumn Festival holiday Guigang City tourism market prosperous Mid Autumn Festival this year, the city’s tourism market is smooth and orderly, the holiday economy highlights. According to the Municipal Tourism Development Committee statistics, during the holiday period, the city received a total of 241 thousand tourists, the total tourism revenue of $206 million, an increase of 18% and 31%, respectively. It is understood that during the holidays, Guiping Xishan Scenic tourists 17 thousand passengers, Longtan national Forest Park, 9 thousand tourists, Pingtianshan national Forest Park received 8 thousand visitors, Four Seasons flower field and Holland America qintang rural tourism area of 65 thousand tourists, South Mountain Park, Ma Jiang Park, grass culture park and East Lake Park tourists 142 thousand passengers. Hotel occupancy rate of over 80%. With the city’s tourism public information services, gradually improve the tourism traffic conditions improved significantly, private cars gradually increased, as well as driving, self-help travel has the characteristics of flexible, high degree of freedom, suitable for modern life rhythm and the concept of consumption, individual travel served as the main way in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday. Xishan, Longtan, Pingtianshan etc.scenic reception from around the car more than 3000 vehicles, the rural tourism area and other tourists accounted for 80% car. During the festival, the city’s tourism regulatory authorities to strengthen safety management, carry out tourism market security inspection activities, timely investigation of various security risks. At the same time, urge the travel agencies to do a good job and improve tourism services. It is understood that during the holidays, the city did not travel safety incidents and travel complaints. (trainee reporter correspondent Li Yuanze Tan Guangying)  相关的主题文章: