The Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan in response to the comfort women speech to address and

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan in response to the "comfort women" speech: to address and reflect on the Ministry of foreign affairs Chinese crimes: conscription of comfort women is a serious crime committed by Japan on 25 October, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Sun Chenqian) for the Japanese officials involved before the "comfort women" remarks, foreign ministry spokesman China Lu Kang 25 days said the Japanese side should face up to and reflect the serious crimes of Japanese militarism during the war of aggression committed, with practical actions to win the trust of its Asian neighbors and the international community. Chinese "comfort women" History Museum of the Shanghai Normal University held on 22 opening ceremony, and held the two inauguration ceremony of the new "comfort women" statue. In this regard, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said 24 days, it will not have a positive impact on Sino Japanese relations, feel sorry for this. The Japanese side believes that should not be overly focused on the past unfortunate history, but should face the future attitude, to deal with the common problems facing the international community. "The premise for the future is to face up to history," Lu Kang in a regular press conference that day, as everyone knows, the conscription of "comfort women" during the Second World War of Japanese militarism, including Chinese Asian victimized countries committed serious crimes against humanity, still the victims and their relatives and cause serious hurt. Lu Kang said that history will not change because of the changes of the times, the fact will not be deliberately avoided disappear. We urge the Japanese side to seriously on the historical responsibility of the human conscience and responsible attitude and respect for human rights, serious crimes face and reflect the Japanese militarism in foreign aggression committed, take concrete actions to win the trust of its Asian neighbors, to win the trust of the international community. "I hope the Japanese government will go to Berlin to see the German construction of the memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, if so in Tokyo also built" comfort women "statue, may help Japan remove the burden of history, help to win the Asian neighbors understanding." Lu Kang said.相关的主题文章: