The Ministry of human resources and social services responded to the basic pension too low the finan-remonstrate

Department who responded the basic pension is too low: hope people understand finance [recommended reading] endowment insurance forced incentive mechanism reform department said 15 years stopped paying out pension is expected to further improve the bottom line: last year, 55 yuan from 70 yuan mentioned department who responded too low: basic pension finance, hope people understand people the topic recently, written by Chinese Social Security Society "Chinese social security development report 2016", a Book published. The report mentions the problem of large gap between the pension treatment groups and the regions, and points out that the national minimum standard for basic pensions has been 55 yuan from 2009 to 2014. 20, in the second National Academic Conference on social security, the eleven CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman Zhang Meiying said: "the pension function is very limited, now 55 dollars for what?" The Ministry of human resources and social security, rural social insurance 21 Secretary Liu Conglong told reporters, is currently actively coordinating with the Ministry of finance, will gradually improve the standard of urban and rural residents basic pension. From there to the good, and gradually improve the social security for the status quo, China current Liu Conglong said, now the urban and rural residents pension insurance belongs to the foundation stage, the financial investment is very important. At the same time, I hope the people can understand that the state of the financial situation is different every year. Especially in recent years, financial tightening, spending a lot of money, while reducing taxes. Liu Conglong said, the state finance now supports the pension of 150 million people, these 150 million people are low income and even no income of the crowd. This shows that as a socialist country, our executive ability is very strong. "We are now from scratch, will certainly be from good to good, the future will gradually improve." The longer the payment, the more old-age pension, recently, there is a view that "pay more for old-age insurance, not necessarily cost-effective."". Some young people think, pension this thing, far away from their own, money is better than doing other things, do not have to pay insurance premiums so early. Some middle-aged people who have insured that they have been paid for 15 years, the future can receive a monthly pension, no longer need to pay down. Pension insurance more pay long pay, in the end is not worthwhile? The Ministry of human resources and Social Sciences responded to this. The person in charge of the Ministry of human resources and Social Sciences said that people could understand the feelings of these ideas, but in fact, this is not cost-effective". China is to improve the pay more than the incentive mechanism, retirees retirement pension, the level of the length of the payment period, payment level and work directly related to the. Pay more, pay long, the pension level of natural high. 15 years is only to determine whether the insured person can get the monthly pension after the retirement age. (comprehensive people’s daily, Beijing News) into the Sina Financial shares bar discussion

人社部回应基础养老金太低:财政紧张 望百姓理解   【推荐阅读】   养老保险倒逼激励机制改革 人社部称15年停缴不划算   养老金底线有望再提高:去年由55元提到70元   人社部回应基础养老金太低:财政紧张,望百姓理解   全民话题   近日,由中国社会保障学会编写的《中国社会保障发展报告2016》一书出版。报告中提到了养老待遇群体间、地区间差距大的问题,指出基础养老金全国最低标准从2009年到2014年一直是55元。20日,在第二届全国社会保障学术大会上,十一届全国政协副主席张梅颖说:“养老金发挥作用非常有限,现在55块钱够什么?”21日人力资源和社会保障部农村社会保险司司长刘从龙向记者透露,目前正在与财政部积极协调,将逐步提高城乡居民基础养老金标准。   将从有到好,逐步提高   针对目前的中国社会保障发展现状,刘从龙表示,现在城乡居民养老保险属于打基础的阶段,财政投入非常重要。同时也希望老百姓能够理解,国家财政的状况每一年都不一样。特别是近几年,财政上紧,花钱的地方很多,同时又在减税。   刘从龙说,国家财政现在支持1.5亿人的养老金,这1.5亿人都是低收入甚至没有收入的人群。这说明作为社会主义国家,我们的执行力是很强的。“我们现在是从无到有了,将来肯定会从有到好,将来逐步提高。”   缴费越久,养老金越多   近来,有观点认为“养老保险多缴长缴,未必划算”。一些年轻人觉得,养老这件事,对自己来说很遥远,有钱不如干别的,不用那么早参保缴费。一些已经参保的中年人觉得,已经缴满15年了,未来可以按月领取养老金,没必要再缴下去。   养老保险多缴长缴,到底划不划算?人社部对此进行了回应。   人社部有关负责人表示,人们持这些想法的心情可以理解,但其实这种做法并不“划算”。我国正在健全多缴多得激励机制,退休人员退休时领的养老金,与其工作时的缴费年限长短、缴费水平高低直接相关。缴得多、缴得长,领的养老金水平自然高。15年只是判断参保人员达到退休年龄后能否按月领取养老金的条件。   (综合人民日报、新京报) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: